Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Nara

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Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Nara

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  • Yoshinaka sen-i. co.,Ltd.

    1-2-17, Oji, Oji-machi, Kitakasugi-gun, Nara, Japan

    • ladies
    • legwear
    • sewing

    Ladies' fashion, mainly leg wear, inner wear, children's wear, etc.

    Yoshinaka sen-i, located in Kitakasugi-gun, Nara Prefecture, is an OEM/ODM producer of ladies' fashion, leg wear, inner wear, and children's clothing. The company provides high-quality one-stop service from product planning to material proposals, pattern making, production, inspection, and logistics. Our products include legwear (tights, leggings), outerwear (house casual wear, skirts, pants, blouses, shirts), knit outerwear (polo shirts, cut and sewn), innerwear, loungewear, sportswear, maternity wear, and children's wear.


    507-3 Yao, Tawaramoto-cho, Isogi-gun, Nara

    • knit
    • Womens
    • innerwear

    Integrated production in Japan

    Our company is characterized by integrated production from knitting to cutting and sewing made in Japan. The use of materials that can stretch freely vertically, horizontally, and crosswise is a feature. Integrated production system. Women's Underwear Series, Men's Underwear Series, Maternity Series, Infant Series, Belly Wrap Series, Warm Clothing Series, Health Clothing Series, etc.

  • Valley, Inc.

    1-8-5 Sakuragaoka, Kamimaki-machi, Kitakasugi-gun, Nara, Japan

    • Womens
    • apparel
    • sewingfactory

    Sewing factory in Nara Prefecture for small-lot orders

    The company sews mainly ladies' wear, but also mens' and kids' wear. Capable of handling small to large lots of several pieces. OEM production of high quality products is one of the company's strengths.

  • ASUKA Corp.

    621 Mimuro, Gosho City, Nara, Japan

    • swimwear
    • jersey
    • underwear

    Special sewing technology for elasticity, mainly for swimwear, jerseys, underwear, etc.

    ASUKA, located in Gosho City, Nara Prefecture, is a sewing factory that sews mainly swimwear, but also jerseys, underwear, and other special stretchy garments. We can handle everything from small lots to mass production.

  • HOWS

    92-2 Nishi-ikejiri-cho, Kashihara City, Nara, Japan

    • bag
    • sewingfactory
    • バッグ

    Bag factory in Nara, Japan. OEM bags and sacks.

    The company is engaged in OEM of bags, sacks, and miscellaneous accessories. The company handles everything in-house, from samples to material procurement, mass production, inspection, packaging, and shipping. Small-lot production is available.

  • Atelier Asuka

    1122 Kamimachi, Ikoma City, Nara, Japan

    • ladies
    • kids
    • sewingfactory

    OEM production of women's clothing all items, children's clothing all items, men's casual wear, etc.

    Atelier Asuka, located in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, provides OEM production of women's clothing all-items, children's clothing all-items, and men's casual wear. The company specializes in woven, cut and sewn, woven and cut and sewn mix, jersey, and knit all-items, and handles everything from sewing to finishing.

  • Oriental-shoes,Co.,Ltd.

    2475-2 Koizumi-cho, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara, Japan

    • shoes
    • mensshoes
    • ladiesshoes

    Shoes OEM

    A shoe manufacturer located in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture. They offer a wide range of shoes for men, ladies, and kids. Small lot orders are also available.

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  • kitajima shoes

    402-1 Shinmachi, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara, Japan

    • shoes
    • mensshoes
    • bridalshoes

    OEM of high-end leather shoes, specializing in men's bridal shoes.

    A shoe manufacturer located in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture. The company mainly deals in men's shoes, and is especially good at men's bridal shoes. Other products include business shoes, boots, and secret shoes.

  • Nitta

    225-1, Nango, Hiroryo Town, Kitakasegi-gun, Nara, Japan

    • cutandsewn
    • sewingfactory
    • カットソー

    Cut and sewn factory where RIVER can be sewn.

    Nitta is a sewing factory located in Hiroyo-cho, Kitakasegi-gun, Nara Prefecture. We have many years of experience in taking prêt-à-porter orders for all kinds of cut and sewn products and reverses. From T-shirts and dresses to jackets and coats, we are capable of producing high-end tailoring. We are capable of small to extra-large lots.

  • 株式会社 山口


    • レザー
    • 財布
    • バッグ


    ナイフケースや財布などの雑貨から、レディースバッグなどの革製品の製造を行っております。 中国工場での小ロットからの対応も可能です。素材は日本からの持ち込み、加工のみを中国で行います。

  • AKURAM inc.

    507 Otsuka, Hiroyo-cho, Kitakasegi-gun, Nara, japan

    • sportswear
    • uniform
    • sublimationprint

    Sublimation printing process in sports apparel

    AKURAM, located in Koryo-cho, Kitakasegi-gun, Nara Prefecture, is an OEM factory specializing in sublimation printing for sports apparel. We have facilities that enable integrated production from the development of materials suitable for sublimation printing to cutting, sublimation transfer printing, and sewing.

  • 株式会社 山城屋


    • レディース
    • インナー
    • ノベルティ


    株式会社山城屋は奈良県橿原市にあるレディースインナーを主に扱う縫製会社です。 サニタリーショーツの自社ブランドをもち、品質管理、製品設計に優れた点を持っています。

  • ムラタ産業株式会社


    • カットソー
    • ニット
    • サンプル


    デザイン~プリント~縫製までを自社内で一貫生産、オーダーウェアにも小ロットからの対応を可能にしております。 また、豊富なベースカラーと人の目と手を駆使した微調整により、ご希望のカラーを提供することが可能です。


    378 Oaza-Miyado, Gosho City, Nara, Japan

    • protectivegown
    • hospitalgown
    • sewingfactory

    Manufacture and sewing of hospital protective gowns and hospital patient gowns

    KIMURA, located in Gosho City, Nara Prefecture, is a sewing factory that manufactures and sews hospital protective gowns and hospital patient gowns. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing since its establishment, its strength lies in its ability to respond to a variety of styles and patterns.

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  • Nakamura Corparation.

    1-15-1 Akishino Sanwa-machi, Nara City, Nara, Japan

    • cutsew
    • innerwear
    • foundation

    OEM/ODM of cut & sewn, innerwear, foundation, etc.

    Nakamura Corparation, located in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, offers OEM/ODM production of cut-and-sew, innerwear, foundation, and molded products as well as accessories (socks, gloves, caps). In addition, we also offer fabric cutting (laser cutting machine).


    662, Oaza-Sakate, Tawaramoto-cho, Isogi-gun, Nara, Japan

    • knit
    • ladies
    • mens

    Apparel sewing factory mainly handling women's knit products

    OKAWA APPAREL, located in Tawaramoto-cho, Isogi-gun, Nara Prefecture, is an apparel sewing factory that mainly handles women's knit products (T-shirts, cut and sewn clothing, etc.). With knit products as its mainstay, OKAWA APPAREL handles a wide range of products including ladies' wear, kids' wear, pet products, and miscellaneous goods.

  • Yamano

    18-1 Takeda, Gosho City, Nara, japan

    • cutsew
    • ladies
    • sewingfactory

    Sewing factory for women's clothing, cut and sewn clothing, and sportswear

    The company specializes in sewing cut and sewn materials for ladies. In addition, the company also handles sportswear.


    61-1 Shindo-cho, Kashihara City, Nara

    • knit
    • schooluniform
    • ladies

    Production of school knitwear such as vests, sweaters and cardigans for school uniforms

    HORIKAWA KNIT, located in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture, produces school knitwear such as vests, sweaters, and cardigans for school uniforms. We offer knitting in multi-gauge, intarsia, molded, and sewing-free fabrics. We are committed to domestic production to ensure quick delivery and high quality.