Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Wakayama

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Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Wakayama

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  • Mascarass jam

    1207-3 Iwahashi, Wakayama City, Wakayama, Japan

    • cutsew
    • casual
    • smalllot

    Specializes in cut and sewn products, including small-lot production, domestic production, and casual wear.

    We are engaged in the apparel OEM business with a focus on cut-and-sew garments. We are committed to "MADE IN JAPAN" and work hard every day to provide our customers with the best quality products. We are committed to the quality of our products, and we are committed to providing the best quality products. Each and every one of our staff members takes responsibility and pride in their work. We accept a wide range of lot sizes from "1 piece sample" to "mass production". We look forward to working with you.


    41-1 Nishiki, Iwanai, Gobo City, Wakayama, Japan

    • ladies
    • bottoms
    • 婦人

    Consistent production of high quality products through cutting, sewing, finishing, and inspection

    An apparel OEM company located in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture. The company features thorough quality control and delivery management through investment in the latest facilities, human resource development, and the use of hardware and software.

  • TWIN co.,ltd.

    87, De, Aritagawa-cho, Arita-gun, Wakayama, Japan

    • shoes
    • sandal
    • シューズ

    Ladies' shoes, from very small lots in stock! (We can handle from 5 pairs!) OEM and ODM are also available.

    We are a ladies' shoes manufacturer based in Wakayama, Japan. We produce our products at our partner factories in China (two of them are 100% owned by our company). We inspect the quality of our products in China and by Japanese in Japan. We use two X-ray machines manufactured by Rigaku Corporation. We hold an exhibition once a month in Tokyo, where our customers can actually see our products and do business with us. Due to social conditions, we also send samples of our products to our customers. We also sell wholesale in very small lots of 5 pairs or more to customers who are short of stock, have a small number of stores, or only sell online. We also do OEM and ODM. We have been doing business with major listed companies for many years.


    15-3 Nogamino, Iwade City, Wakayama, Japan

    • nursing
    • maternity
    • kids

    Sells its own brand "mille-ferme" mainly lactation wear.

    An apparel OEM company located in Iwade City, Wakayama Prefecture. The company mainly sells fashionable and cute maternity and nursing clothes.

  • Kimura-meriyasu Co.,Ltd.

    1687 Kokogawa, Kinokawa City, Wakayama, Japan

    • innerwear
    • underwear
    • sewingfactory

    Sewing factory producing high quality Japanese underwear

    Kimura-meriyasu, located in Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture, is a sewing factory that produces high-quality Japanese underwear. The company produces a variety of famous brand underwear sold in department stores and select stores. Our strength lies in our flat seamer technology.

  • Shinwa Huhaku

    310-3 Kajitori, Wakayama City, Wakayama, Japan

    • ladies
    • cutsew
    • pajamas

    From women's clothing cut and sewn to women's pajamas

    Shinwa Huhaku in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, is a sewing factory that handles everything from women's cut and sewn clothing to women's pajamas, from cutting to finishing. We can handle anything from knit to woven fabrics. We are committed to "Made in Japan" and have been in business for 50 years.

  • Uenoyama Sewing Factory

    697 Tsujido, Arita City, Wakayama, Japan

    • knit
    • woven
    • sewingfactory

    Sewing factory mainly for knitwear sewing

    Uenoyama Sewing Factory in Arita City, Wakayama Prefecture, is a sewing factory that focuses on knitwear sewing. More than 90% of our orders are for knit products. We also sew T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

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    132 Kuwayama, Wakayama City, Wakayama, Japan

    • knit
    • poloshirts
    • tshirts

    Planning and production of knit fabrics such as polo shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts

    OKAZAKI KNIT, located in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, is a knit manufacturer mainly engaged in the planning and production of knit fabrics (meriyas). OKAZAKI KNIT manufactures, plans, and sells knit fabrics, produces and sells circular knitting fabrics for apparel, plans and manufactures knit products for select stores, and handles various OEMs.