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Here are 546 apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Kanto. You can find recommended apparel OEM companies by category and genre.

Apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Kanto

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  • Vixen Aim Co., Ltd.

    2-2-12 Vort building 2F ,Okubo, Shinjuku-ku,Shinjuku,Tokyo

    • apparel
    • petwear
    • smalllot

    OEM,ODM company specializing in pet clothes / Ladies' wear also available

    Hello !! we are Vixen Aim <What we can make> All Pet Supplies All human apparel All Children's Apparel All apparel sundries <Our Characteristics/Specialize > We have English speaking staff International shipping available On-time delivery Detailed sewing available We promise high quality Japanese fabric collection available <Add Specialize > We can help you sell your pet brand to Japan We can help you sell your Japanese pet brand overseas <About us> Vixen Aim is the Pet Clothing Industry's Trusted Pet Supplier We are the only company that can "go this far. We are not just a pet manufacturer. We are a specialist in contract manufacturing that combines the three elements of "proposal capability," "production capability," and "support capability. About ODM We are not just a pet product manufacturer. We are a specialist in ODM contract manufacturing that combines the "proposal ability" to develop the customer's product image and plan, the "production ability" to actually give shape to the product, and the "support ability" to handle product management and delivery. We aim to realize "products that sell" by utilizing our wealth of experience and the latest market information. We handle everything from development to manufacturing in-house, so we can serve as your company's "planning and development department" and "manufacturing department. You can use us as your "planning and development department" and "manufacturing department". About OEM We work behind the scenes to create the products you want. We will give shape to your image, design, and what you want to make. We will work behind the scenes to produce and deliver products according to the customer's requests. Even for a single apparel item, we can take care of everything from design, pattern, samples (1st, 2nd, and advance orders all possible), fabric collection, material collection, printing, embroidery (ai design production for printing and embroidery possible), mass production, tag production (quality labeling, brand name, hanging, everything), and delivery. All you have to do is tell us, "Make this.” We can do all the work for you, all you have to do is tell us, "I want to make a pet line for my apparel brand, and I want to make items that pair well with people. But I'm clueless about pets..." We are happy to help such companies as well.

    • ペットのアパレルは大得意です!ぜひ弊社へご連絡ください!
    • わんちゃんと飼い主さんのリンクコーデもお任せください!
    • オリジナルのブランド立ち上げを応援します!
    • デザインも経験豊富なスタッフが一緒に作り上げます!
    • Japan Maidにこだわりたい方もサポートできます!
    • ディテールにこだわったお洋服を作りませんか?
    • At VixenAim, we can assist you from scratch with creating dressy matching outfits for both owners and their pets!
    • Let VixenAim, Inc!
    • She specializes in clothes with elaborate details!
    • We also specialize in human apparel! Please let us help you!
    • VixenAim (Co., Ltd.) is a company that specializes in making fine clothing!
    • We can help you create one-of-a-kind products!
  • ETOE co.,ltd

    No.1612 16F ,Art of center Tokyo,1-4-1Senjyu,Adachiku,Tokyo, Japan

    • カットソー
    • レディース
    • インナー

    Our company that plans and designs ODM and OEM for underwear and inner apparel.

    We are professional specialist in women's underwear and inner apparel designing. With over 20 years experience. We can create original patterns and propose products that meet your needs. I would be happy to answer any questions and help you create a wonderful product. We will make a proposal depending on the content, whether it is produced in Japan or overseas.



    • OEM
    • アパレル
    • 小ロット

    Mass production of discerning original design products Reliable support by experienced staff

    We are developing a business called DESIGNLAB. We provide OEM services for apparel products in general, from individuals to corporate brands. We help customers who start apparel business from scratch to create original products We also have designers and pattern makers. We also have designers and pattern makers, so we can consult with you on planning. We mainly produce in Korea and Japan in order to respond to small-lot production of various types of products. Depending on the content of your project and production volume, we can also produce in China (woven and knitted fabrics), Myanmar (uniforms, children's wear, etc.), and Thailand. Myanmar (mainly uniforms and children's wear). We can also handle production in China (woven and knit) and Myanmar (uniforms and children's wear) depending on the content of the customer's project and production volume. In addition to corporate brands, we also provide services for influencer brands, new apparel businesses, and We can also produce apparel products for events, influencer brands, and new businesses.

    • Apparel OEM small lot design 

    302, 3-24-4 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • knit
    • cutsew
    • woven

    OEM of knitwear, cut & sewn, and woven fabrics, producing original products from raw materials.

    AKINO PROJECT INC. of Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, is an OEM company of knitwear, cut & sewn, and woven fabrics. The company's strength lies in its ability to produce original products from raw materials. There are many cases in which unique raw materials (yarns, fabrics, and knitted fabrics) are required for the development of unique products, but many companies seem to have a problem with minimum production lots of raw materials, which prevents them from developing enough products. We are involved in the development of raw materials and planning with customers who value their own unique world view, and we have earned a good reputation by helping them plan small-lot projects. It is not easy to maintain a brand's world view and sales performance in small-lot production, but some customers appreciate our world view and are able to achieve results regardless of the product price. We would be happy to work with customers who wish to express their world view by producing just enough to meet the demand for their brand, and we would be happy to be involved in the development of attractive products. Although we are a small company, we have experience competing with large companies in terms of knowledge from raw materials to product development, and we would like to make use of this experience for small-lot customers who are particular about their brands.

  • Airera Co.Ltd.


    • インナー
    • アウター
    • カットソー


    ジャンル問わずアパレル製品の生産を請け負います。 OEM生産の対応も可能です。 まずはお問い合わせ下さい。

  • MASA International Co., Ltd.

    3-16-6, Ryukakujidai, Sakae-cho, Inba-, Chiba, Japan

    • bag
    • leather
    • cosmetics

    Proposal of beauty and lifestyle OEM that connects people and products

    Our company accepts planning and proposal of original products. Our categories are apparel and cosmetics. We can help you with OEM proposals for leather goods, bags, ladies, men, and unisex products in small lots at our affiliated factories in Japan and overseas. We can assist you from small lot to large lot. We have a lot of experience in domestic production and overseas production in India, China, and Vietnam. We can make detailed proposals for planning, metal fittings, and selection of materials. We can also provide OEM of original Japanese cosmetics from small lots! For cosmetics, we have been widely expanding our own products made with a focus on water, which is unique to Japan, to overseas customers. Please contact us for bottle, design, and labeling services. We may be a small company, but we are confident in our abilities! We look forward to hearing from you.

    • This is a unisex tote bag proposed to a certain brand.
    • This lightweight bag is made of soft shrink with matching enamel.
    • Lace is applied and stamped on the surface of leather. We created this product with the image of a certain brand.
    • Lace is applied and stamped on the surface of leather. We created this product with the image of a certain brand.
  • Amina Collection co.,LTD.

    7th floor, Creed Building, 123 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

    • テキスタイル
    • 裁断
    • プリント

    Small lots and short delivery times possible.We have a wide variety of production backgrounds both domestically and internationally.

    Amina Collection Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that imports, retails, and wholesales products. We have about 150 directly managed stores nationwide, including ethnic goods such as ``Chaihane'', as well as Hawaiian and Japanese goods. We also have overseas production backgrounds in more than 20 countries, and we have formed a specialized OEM team to work with each company. In addition to overseas production, we also have cutting machines at our domestic factory, so we can also handle small-lot production and quick delivery. Additionally, we develop over 30,000 SKU of original products every year, so we are able to perform basic production for apparel and miscellaneous goods. Please feel free to contact us.

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  • 株式会社かなエール


    • レディース
    • メンズ
    • キッズ


    アパレルOEM/ODM事業におけるすべての分野で豊富な経験・知識・背景を有しており、 様々な面でお力になれます。 【出来る事】 ・商品企画/開発 (素材開発/企画/手配含む) ・デザイン/仕様書作成 ・サンプル作成~チェック ・量産の生産管理 (工場設定/コスト管理/納期管理) ・納品までの手配一式 (海外生産の場合、輸入手続きも含む) お困りの事やこれから始めたい事、まずは何でもお気軽にお声掛け下さい。 (個人・法人問いません) 【過去実績概要】 ・大手カジュアル小売店の企画生産管理 (新規素材開発~) ・アーティストのイベント・コンサートグッズの作成 ・有名ブランドの生産管理代行業務 ・100万人以上の登録者を持つ有名YouTubeチャンネルのグッズ など、幅広い実績を持っておりますので、多方面でお役に立てると思います。 何卒宜しくお願い致します!

    • Sundries are also supported!
    • Various T-shirts!
    • Various knits!
    • One-piece is also acceptable!
    • Various bottoms!
    • Various sweatshirts!
    • Various outerwear!
    • Extensive track record!
  • SUNNY DAYS Co.,Ltd.

    4-27-13, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • apparel
    • casual
    • knit

    Casual is our specialty. Good footwork.

    We are an OEM company in Sendagaya specializing in casual wear, mainly knit and cut. We have factories in China, Korea, Japan, and India. We have factories in China, South Korea, Japan, and India, and we assign the most appropriate production background to each factory after carefully examining the details of the request. We have received many orders for sportswear (golf, fitness, climbing, etc.). We also provide purchasing and attending services in Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Korean product markets. We can also provide inventory management and shipping services (for both corporate and individual customers) at our affiliated warehouses in Japan. OEM/ODM ●We produce full items of knit, cut, and woven fabrics in China, and can also handle various secondary processing.  For knitwear, we have an extensive yarn color sample book, so production in small lots is possible.  For cut and woven fabrics, we can propose the most suitable fabrics from market fabrics/original fabrics. ● We produce cut and sewn products in Korea and Japan. In India, we produce woven products.  The fabric texture, embroidery, etc. unique to Indian products are the characteristics of our products.  Depending on the number of pieces, we can also make original check patterns from fabrics. We also have designers who can respond to detailed instructions.  We can also make proposals as an ODM. We also have subcontracted pattern makers, so we can create even the most delicate designs and particular details. Even if you think it might be difficult, please contact us first. We can also provide ODM services. Product shopping at the market and attending to the customers We will send you images of new products every day from our local staff, so you can enjoy fresh items without having to go on a business trip.  However, our local staff will send you images of new products every day, so you can introduce, purchase samples of, and buy fresh items without having to go on a business trip. We have a thorough inspection process at our partner factories, so we can minimize any problems that may occur during the buying process. We can also arrange small changes, such as fabric, color, and length. We can also attach brand names, hang tags, and laundry labels. (We can also make them if you have enough of them.) If there is a product you want, we will find it on site and propose it to you. We especially recommend this service for those who want to purchase products without worrying about lot size for online sales, etc.

  • Future Brand

    2-5 Nishi-Komatsugawa-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • uniform
    • print
    • workwear

    Original and custom-made work uniforms and corporate uniforms

    Future Brand Co., Ltd. of Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, is an apparel OEM company engaged in uniform planning, manufacturing, and sales. We produce original work uniforms and corporate uniforms made to order from materials and designs, "made from scratch". We also offer custom-made uniforms with size adjustment, heat and cold measures, etc. We carefully sew and print at our own factory.

  • Fukuda shouten

    3126 Higashi Obokata-cho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma, Japan

    • embroidery
    • badge
    • print

    We can handle everything from fabric arrangements to sewing, printing, embroidery, and naming.

    If you let us know the fabric you want, we will send you a sample book free of charge. As soon as the fabric is finalized, we will prepare and submit a sample. We do the work so you can do other work. We can handle everything from sewing, printing, embroidery, naming, pressing, and bagging, with a minimum order of 300 garments. If you cannot afford the domestic sewing cost, we can produce in Bangladesh at a very competitive price. (From 2,000 pieces to 3 months after production is confirmed) The quality is high because this factory produces for TOM'S and FRUIT OF THE LOOM. If you only need one piece, you can purchase a pre-made body from United Asley, Printstar, Ferric, etc., and have it printed and embroidered at a low cost and speedy production. For example, United Assley 100% cotton 5400-01 5.0 oz. white Tee 300 yen, black Tee 350 yen Black Tee: 350 yen


    203, 3-8-14 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • ladies
    • mens
    • sportswear

    We can provide a full range of services from pattern making and sample making to mass production.

    Our strength is that we have a pattern maker on staff who can handle the entire process from pattern making and sample making to mass production. We can also propose and arrange for the selection and arrangement of fabrics and accessory materials. Customers are invited to visit our company to create the desired garments. Our production is basically done in Japan. We also offer small-lot production. We can also produce in China if the quantity is large and you want to keep the unit price low. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you. United Planning Corporation Ueda

  • 株式会社Lucca

    東京都渋谷区元代々木町54-1, 東京セントラル代々木302

    • 小ロット
    • レディース
    • ワンピース


    弊社は自社ブランドを企画、生産しているアパレルメーカーです。 弊社の生産ラインを利用して他社ブランド様のOEM生産を行っております。 自社ブランドで高価格帯のレディースアイテムを企画・生産しているため、国内の小規模な工場様とのお取引が多いのが特徴です。 高品質な商品を、小ロットから始めたい方は是非一度お問い合わせください。 【弊社の特徴】 ・ロット無し 1枚から200枚まで生産可能です。 ※1~9枚はサンプル単価となります。 10枚以上は枚数ごとに単価が変動します。 ・国内生産、高品質な縫製 複雑なデザインや生地の縫製が得意です。 ・短納期 サンプル(パターン無し)2週間~3週間 サンプル(パターンあり)1週間~2週間 量産 2週間~1.5か月 参考見積は弊社ホームページよりご覧いただけます。 過去のアーカイブもホームページとInstagramにて公開しています。 Instagramアカウント brand_factory_tokyo 是非ご検討ください。 株式会社ルッカ 加藤

  • upcycle・M

    8-3 Sakae-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

    • レディース
    • メンズ
    • カットソー

    We offer a full range of apparel production (OEM/ODM) services from pattern making to sample production to mass production!

    We have been providing OEM/ODM services for apparel (ladies, men, and kids), bags, and many other items for many years, and are able to provide detailed services for BtoB as well as for individuals who are starting a new brand (BtoC). For those who are new to garment production, we will kindly and carefully explain to them and offer a comprehensive proposal up to the delivery of the product. Pattern production → sample production → mass production → delivery We can procure materials and subsidiary materials (we have business accounts with the leading textile manufacturers and subsidiary material (iris) manufacturers in Tokyo). ◆Production Flow 1 Hearing (Real and ZOOM MTG at our OFFICE Yurakucho) 2 Formal request (order placement) 3 Start of pattern production (and selection of materials and sub-materials) 4 Sample production 5Mass production after sample examination 6Delivery 7Proposal of sales channels and sales promotion (EC site operation and real stores (booth sales at POP UP SHOP, Marui in general, Aoyama, Harajuku, etc.) (We also participate in fashion show events sponsored by our company.) We will make a proposal with a package price according to your budget from production to sales. In recent years, we have also been developing upcycled materials using textiles (Okayama denim), which are surplus stock (not only clothing) and the dark side of the apparel industry, in an effort to promote recycling in the apparel industry. On March 22, 2024 Released owned media (own web media)! We are conducting interviews with representatives of companies that are working on social contribution issues as well as the apparel industry through upcycling. More than 20 years of experience We will help those who are considering apparel production for the first time with our know-how and experience cultivated over the past 20 years. We will be happy to assist you with your first apparel production project. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Launching a new brand Want to produce apparel products for the first time Do not know anything about factories, etc. Our strength is that we can provide you with a zero-based explanation of the processes involved in production. Our strength is that we can explain the production process from the ground up. TRY AGAIN (again and again) We want to create exciting products with you! This is our motto. We are a company that is dedicated to creating exciting products for our clients. We are aware that our offers are for companies that have factories or production backgrounds that can solve problems related to apparel clothing and other production products. We are looking forward to helping you with your project! We are contacting you with the intention of helping you in any way we can. So, we would like to ask for your help. If you need to cancel either ZOOM or Real MTG, please let us know in advance. We would be very grateful if you could let us know in advance if you need to cancel either ZOOM or real MTG. We would be very grateful if you could do so in a proper manner as this is a place for business meetings. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

    • Designer Products (Women's Lingerie)
    • Designer Products (Ladies)
    • Denim Jacket (G-Jan)
    • Set-up (bottom) with embroidery
    • Set-up (TOPS) with embroidery
    • Unisex T-shirt (with embroidery logo)
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  • Fabric's Arts Company Limited

    1-3-17 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • bag
    • mens
    • ladies

    We have an OEM manufacturing plant for bags, pouches, and wallets.

    We are a bag manufacturer located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. We have our own factory in Cambodia, which enables us to produce products under centralized control of material procurement, quality control, and delivery management. Ordered products are delivered under our management not only in Japan but also to designated locations overseas. Our sample production office is located near a large market of fabric wholesalers in Guangdong Province, China, so our local staff can research the fabrics you are looking for and order your original materials. We have many years of experience in producing products for major apparel brands in Japan, Europe, and the United States, so we can offer you a balanced service in terms of quality, delivery time, and cost.

  • CRAFTSHIPS, inc.

    1-2-6, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • 刺繍
    • プリント
    • 染色

    CraftShips is a place for connecting Japanese craftsmanship with the world. Making Japanese craftsmanship sustainable.

    CraftShips is a 'making platform' that harnesses the expertise of Japanese craftsmanship to enable the creation of original products for your company. We specialize in crafting unique products for shops that seamlessly integrate design, functionality, and sustainability. Our focus is on bringing out the individuality of shops by creating original items. We listen to your requirements and ideas attentively, providing comprehensive support from product planning to mass production. Feel free to consult with us for ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services.

  • COO CO., LTD.

    2-31-15 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • innerwear
    • outerwear
    • sewingfactory

    In-house factories in Japan, overseas production, planning and manufacturing

    We have our own sewing factory in Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture, equipped to sew a full range of items, including cut and sewn, woven, and inner wear (bras and panties). Negotiations regarding design, specifications, patterns, etc. are held at our head office in Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo. We also directly trade products that use down materials, which are difficult to arrange in Japan, and products that appeal to customers' price points.

    • main office
    • main office
    • Niigata Factory
    • Niigata Factory
    • Niigata Factory Sewing
    • Niigata Factory Sewing
    • Niigata Factory CAD
    • Niigata Factory CAM
    • Niigata Factory CAM
    • Niigata Factory Materials
  • BBS Co.,Ltd.

    641-6 Hachijo, Yashio City, Saitama, Japan

    • apparel
    • denim
    • casual

    Denim-focused fashion for careers in their 30s to 50s

    We have been operating an office and sewing factory in Guangzhou for more than 10 years. We can handle all fabrics and accessories as long as they are made in Guangzhou. Currently, we receive many orders for denim-related materials, such as denim bonding coats, denim-lined pants, jackets, and chemically treated tiered skirts. Our customers range from mid-range to high-end products (specialty stores and department stores). Price We can handle small, medium, and production lots. We can also make three-dimensional and flat patterns according to your instructions. All products are imported with third-party inspection.  Please feel free to contact us.

    • gradation processing
    • hand pintuck
    • Knit denim chemical processing
  • 合同会社 啓寧商事

    3620021 埼玉県上尾市原市1072 KNビル

    • レディース
    • メンズ
    • カットソー/布帛/ニット

    中国製、日本製 カットソー/布帛/ニットのOEM、お任せください。小ロットから生産可能です。

    合同会社 啓寧(ケイネイ)商事 弊社は、アパレル卸、アパレルOEM、雑貨、及び、ペット用品を扱っている会社です。 中国・寧波市にて長年、縫製工場、貿易会社を経営しております。 弊社の強みは、特に中国生産に関して、カットソー、布帛、ニット、雑貨等、ジャンルは問わず、 スピーディに対応が可能なことです。 また、市場製品の輸入代行も可能です。 お取引先には、大手商社様、大手アパレル様、大手通信販売社様、他多数ございます。 さらに、日本国内の生産背景もありますので、日本製ならではの生産も可能です。 小ロットから大ロットまで、適材適所にて対応してまいります。 どんなことでも、ご相談ください。 弊社がお客様のお悩みを解決いたします。 ご連絡をお待ちしております。 合同会社 啓寧商事 担当:納堂(ノウドウ)

  • PadmaCreativeDesignInc.

    BRICKsouth2F3B BRICK&WHITE KITANAKA KITANAKADOURI, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Zip cord :231-0003, Japan

    • apparel
    • goods
    • bag

    Apparel in general, clothing accessories, leather goods, bags, OEM production, Japan domestic, overseas (China), small lot production

    Nice to meet you, my name is Padma Creative Design Co. We are an OEM production company located in Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken,Japan,mainly engaged in fashion design. We have a network of affiliated sewing factories in Japan and abroad, which enables us to produce not only apparel but also various other fashion items. We can handle all apparel-related items, sewing and processing (printing, embroidery, etc.), general merchandise, leather goods, bags, OEM production, Japan domestic production, overseas production (China), and small-lot production. We also provide design and production services such as website and e-commerce design, logo design, etc. We also provide brand name weaving, tagging, and other design services. We can also design and produce brand names, tags, and packages. We will propose the best solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Please feel free to contact us.

    • We have a tie-up with an apparel wear factory and can perform various types of processing.
    • We are affiliated with a children's and baby clothes factory and can make them.
    • We are affiliated with a children's and baby clothes factory and can make them.