Apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Chugoku

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Apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Chugoku

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  • 株式会社ビーアイシーコーポレーション


    • レディース
    • インナー
    • パターン


    ビーアイシーコーポレーションが目指すのはパーフェクトなモノづくりです. 私たちはずっとミシンひとすじ。 オーダーメイドの女性用下着(ボディファンデーション)を受注生産し、下着メーカー様やエステサロン様等へ卸売りを行っております。 デザインから生産まで、すべてに妥協しないために、全行程は岡山県倉敷市の自社工場で、確かな技術をもった職人によってひとつひとつ丁寧に作り上げられています。 女性の素肌に触れるファンデーションは、安全で安心、そしてお洒落でなければいけません。 デザイン、品質、サービス。すべてにおいて、下着縫製業としての誇りとこだわりをもっています。 美しく自信を持った女性たちのために、愛され続けるボディを作るお手伝いをさせて頂きます。

  • nono x nono factory

    580-3 Shirouta, Michi-cho, Onomichi-city, Hiroshima, Japan

    • ドール服
    • 犬服
    • デニム

    I can sew doll clothes

    We are mainly looking for items that the factory does not specialize in, such as doll clothes and dog clothes. We accept small quantities (from 30 pieces), so please feel free to contact us. Regular apparel (men's and women's) can also be produced.

  • Cabinet inc.

    120-5 Okaya, Soja City, Okayama, Japan

    • jeans
    • casual
    • tshirts

    We offer OEM services for casual fashion from material proposals to delivery by domestic production.

    Since our establishment in 2003, we have handled a wide range of high quality products made in Japan, mainly woven wear such as jeans, bags and accessories made of Kurashiki Canvas, and cut and sewn T-shirts and sweatshirts made in Okayama, Japan. We will assist you from the proposal of materials to pattern making, production, and delivery according to your requests.


    1876-1 Wada-Otsu, Toyohama-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa, Japan

    • hat
    • goods
    • wallet

    Mass production of original hats at low cost

    An apparel OEM company located in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture. The company boasts of OEM experience in a wide variety of hats. The company features high quality hats made by Japanese creators.

  • c2corporation

    2000-147, Oaza Koyodai, Ashida-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan

    • workwear
    • uniform
    • apron

    Custom-made company for workwear, uniforms, aprons, etc.

    C2, located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is a sewing factory that plans and manufactures high-quality work clothes, uniforms, and uniforms. We can handle a wide range of orders, from large to small lots. We also produce denim uniforms, which are rare in Japan, and offer planning and proposal of uniforms and uniforms, planning and production of original products, purchase and wholesale of ready-made products from manufacturers, and inventory management.

  • 241 co.

    2-1576-93 Kojima Shimonomachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama, Japan

    • denim
    • canvas
    • casual

    Denim Wear, Denim and Canvas Goods, Denim Pet Clothing

    Since its establishment in 1994, 241co. has continued to produce a wide range of items, including denim pants, casual clothing, denim and canvas goods, and denim pet clothing, from Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, the sacred land of jeans, to the world. We can handle OEM/ODM at our own factory (Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture), cooperating factories in Japan (all over the country), and affiliated factories in China. We can handle small-lot production. At our own factory, CAM cutting and sewing with No. 0, No. 6, and No. 8 thick count yarn are available.

  • atelier Ripple

    129 Yokouchi, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa, Japan

    • smalllot
    • bag
    • 小ロット

    [Supporting individual brands] Possible to produce bags in small lots, from one piece

    Scent of the sea breeze from the Seto Inland Sea Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture. where the glove industry, which holds the top share of the domestic glove manufacturing market, has taken root. A craftsman in his 30s sets up a small workshop A craftsman in his 30s leather bags in a small workshop in Higashikagawa City. The soft texture and gentle rounded shape soft texture and gentle rounded form. We are good at producing bags with soft texture and gentle rounded form. Production capacity: 200 bags/month  Minimum lot size: 1 piece We will charge for samples, initial materials, molds, etc. after consultation. We will charge you for samples, initial materials, molds, etc. after consulting with you.

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  • Satoyasu co.

    3-5-18 Noda, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama, Japan

    • ladies
    • apparel
    • denim

    OEM manufacturer of casual apparel for adult women

    As a producer of casual apparel that offers new value to adult women, we not only manufacture and sell clothes, but also identify potential needs, enrich lives through fashion, and fulfill our corporate responsibility to help realize a sustainable society. We can meet a wide range of needs, from the development of fabrics to the proposal of sales methods, including OEM and ODM. Three strengths of OEM orders 1. stable quality After the first inspection at the production factory, we conduct a second inspection at a carefully selected inspection facility in Japan. This leads to "reduction of B product rate" and "improvement of product review. Many of our clients (mail-order companies) who have used our OEM production have been using our products for more than 10 years as their long-term standard. Due to the high reproducibility of repeat production, we have produced many products that have been repeated more than 30 times. We will contribute to maximize sales by selling one product number for a long period of time. 2. 2. stable delivery As you know, denim material goes through many processes from yarn procurement to knitting after rope-dyeing, so the production period of denim fabric is unstable and it is difficult to reproduce the same fabric. However, we use a cooperative factory in China for production, and even when materials are not available, the lead time from fabric production to arrival in Japan is stable at approximately 60 days. This allows for stable pre-order sales and contributes to our customers' sales and financial efficiency. 3. 3. uncompromising management We will reproduce the specifications and designs given to us by our customers, and we will also make suggestions for new shapes, details, and accessories to make our products even better. We make proposals as early as possible to ensure that our products are just right for the on-season, and we accept name changes and partial design changes. We also offer a wide range of fabrics, from functional to trendy fabrics, and can provide the right material for the right product.

  • Urban crafts

    1135 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa, Japan

    • oem
    • bag
    • madeinjapan

    Strong in ladies, OEM of Japanese leather bags (small lots OK)

    Established in 1953. Urban Kogei has a workshop in Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture. The company started out by manufacturing gloves, a local industry, and now specializes in OME production, mainly leather bags. In particular, the company's main products are bags and ladies' leather bags that take advantage of the soft texture of leather. <Our Strengths> Integrated system that handles everything from material procurement to inspection and shipping. We are able to offer cost-effective leather through our strong connections with leather wholesalers and tanneries. Our ability to handle small to large lot orders. We can accept additional orders from "20 pieces". We have more than 10 kinds of leathers in stock in our workshop, so we can respond quickly. <Business Results> Famous apparel brand Wholesaler for department stores Wholesalers of bag specialty stores Major mail order companies Major mail-order companies Number of employees: 33 Production capacity: 5,000〜6,000 per month  Minimum lot size: 40 pieces with colors (can be consulted depending on conditions) We have experience with a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, nylon, and artificial suede.

  • Japan Delivery Service Co.,Ltd.

    614-1 Kami-Iwanari, Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan

    • casual
    • sewingfactory
    • denim

    Casual wear and apparel OEM planning and production

    Planning ability that anticipates trends Japan Delivery Service is engaged in the planning and manufacturing of apparel, mainly casual wear, with a particular specialty in denim. We regularly travel to the U.S., the source of cutting-edge trends, to conduct trend research and sample collection ahead of the Japanese market. We are able to provide highly accurate proposals for product planning from all aspects, including the latest information, samples, sewing, and fabric processing, based on our own research. High technology and full facilities We create samples faithfully based on the patterns and specifications provided by our customers. We also create patterns from photographs and reference samples. We have a full range of sewing facilities and a large number of skilled sewing technicians, and our strength lies in our high level of technology. We provide products with high added value by improving quality in every detail from the sample stage, reducing costs by streamlining operations, and avoiding homogeneity. Reliable quality and high reliability We have established a consistent quality control system to deliver better quality products at a desired delivery date and at a lower cost. We are committed to being a production base that can be trusted and relied upon by all of our customers, both long-time customers and new customers. Production Background Rooted in the Place of Origin Japan Delivery Service is located in the Bingo district of Hiroshima Prefecture, one of the world's top quality denim production centers. Bingo is home to a large number of fabric and sewing factories and washing factories, and the technology cultivated over its long history is unrivaled and continues to evolve even today. We will respond to the various issues and problems faced in the production process in a meticulous manner, taking advantage of the power of human connections that only a local company can provide.


    5116-20, Kota-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa

    • tshirts
    • print
    • poloshirts

    Production and printing of original T-shirts and clothing

    An apparel company located in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Deals in the production and printing of casual wear such as T-shirts and polo shirts. Also, uniforms, uniforms, various personalized products, towels, and sundries.

  • Grid co., ltd.

    2339-2, Hiedacho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama

    • denim
    • ladies
    • pants

    Specializing in ladies denim

    An apparel manufacturer located in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The company specializes in ladies' denim as OEM, and its strength lies in materials, silhouettes, and processing for ladies. The company can meet any need for processing, including product dyeing and used processing.

  • L&J

    4-15-13 Minami-Zao-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan

    • china
    • oem
    • buying

    Intermediary and wholesale of import/export between Japan and China -OEM/ODM

    L&J supports trade between Japan and China from various angles. Our Chinese staff, who have lived in Japan for more than 20 years, are well versed in Sino-Japanese culture and customs, enabling smooth business negotiations and transactions. We can purchase and OEM production of low-cost and good quality products by direct dealings with Chinese manufacturers. Since quality is our priority, most of the manufacturers we deal with have experience in Japanese market.

  • MATSUI Co.,Ltd.

    2-5-12 Kasumi-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan

    • ladies
    • mens
    • luxury

    MATSUI Co., Ltd. for technology and mass production

    Since its establishment in 1954, the Company has been engaged in the manufacture of clothing. Our products have shifted from simple children's wear, school uniforms, and work clothes to men's jackets and coats, which require a large number of processes and high quality, and to ladies' jackets, which require a high level of fashion. The garments we manufacture are based on various patterns designed by apparel manufacturers, who are our customers. We cut the provided fabrics, sew the cut fabric parts into garments, and deliver them to our customers. However, in many cases, the patterns we receive as is do not take into account the properties of the material (softness, thickness, elongation, etc.) and sewing workability (seam allowance, etc.), and there is a risk that the required quality and design may not be realized in the final product. Therefore, our research department plays a central role in making detailed adjustments such as seam allowance by industrial patterning and dimensional adjustments by changing the material to retain notches and design lines, taking into consideration the properties of the material and sewing workability for mass production at the factory. As a result, we often propose pattern improvements to apparel makers before going into mass production. In addition, we have three employees who are qualified as second-class "men's apparel manufacturing technicians," which is a national qualification, for their specialized technical skills. ◆Minimum order lot 50 pieces or more Currently, we only accept new orders from customers with whom we can do business continuously throughout the year. We accept new orders only from customers with whom we can do business continuously throughout the year. Sewing wage Ladies  Jacket: 4,000 yen~  Coats: 7,000 yen and up Mens jackets  Jackets: 5,000 yen and up  Coats: 8,000 yen and up *The above are approximate unit prices and may vary depending on lot size and specifications.

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    450 Shinno Yamagata, Tsuyama City, Okayama, Japan

    • sewingfactory
    • jeans
    • denim

    Sewing factory for casual clothing, mainly jeans

    A long-established sewing factory established in 1982. Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in OEM with a focus on jeans. We can sew a wide variety of items, and our specialty is casual clothing such as jeans, skirts, trousers, G-jans, coveralls, aprons, etc. We are capable of providing a full range of services from proposal of materials, pattern making, sample production, cutting, sewing, and finishing. We offer a full range of services from material proposals, pattern making, sample production, cutting, sewing, processing, and finishing. We also put a lot of effort into photographing production scenes so that we can convey our manufacturing background to end users. In addition to our core business of OEM, we are also developing our own brand. Since we handle everything from manufacturing to sales in-house, we can also provide support for product development and sales.

  • Yasuda

    144, Mezaki-cho, Fuchu-shi, Hiroshima, Japan

    • mens
    • ladies
    • pants

    We produce mainly bottoms with safe and reliable Japanese production.

    Fuchu City in Hiroshima Prefecture is a textile production area and has been in business for over 35 years. We have been pleased to have made products for many brands in the past. We mainly produce bottoms (denim, chino, and other cotton fabrics), but we also produce jackets, shirts, vests, and other items. We will make arrangements with you in detail, so you can rest assured that we will work with you. We also accept small-lot orders for safe and secure production in Japan, so please feel free to contact us.


    2-23-39, Fukutomi Nishi 2-chome, Minami-ku, Okayama City, Okayama, Japan

    • dogwear
    • petwear
    • ドッグウェア

    We provide dog wear that will make your dog happy through "uncompromising craftsmanship" by artisans' handiwork.

    An apparel OEM company specializing in dog wear located in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. Right Angle Co., Ltd. has been responsible for cutting apparel in general for 50 years, and has continued to produce "good products" through the handiwork of skilled cutters. We have continued to produce "good things" through the handiwork of our skilled cutters. We are proud of our craftsmanship, which can be called the commitment of our artisans.


    272 Morisue, Seto-cho, Higashi-ku, Okayama City, Okayama

    • underwear
    • foundation
    • innerwear

    Women's underwear, bras, panties, foundation

    An apparel manufacturer located in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. The company's main products are foundations, bras, girdles, panties, body suits, lingerie, and correctional underwear. Also manufactures cloth napkins, cloth masks, etc. With the latest equipment, the company is capable of small-lot production for a wide variety of products in small quantities.

  • Apparel Ai co.,ltd.

    1302-2 Kawanami, Kanbe-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima

    • bottoms
    • ladies
    • pants

    Bottom OEM

    An apparel manufacturer located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. They mainly deal in bottoms. Safe and secure Japan quality products produced in the Bingo region of Fukuyama City.

  • maruka

    680-2 Aikata, Shinichi-machi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan

    • デニム
    • カジュアル
    • ボトムス


    弊社はカジュアルパンツを中心として、カジュアルシャツ、カバーオール等を扱っている縫製工場です。 パターン作成、生地の提案、加工の提案もいたします。 お客様が作りたい絵型、サンプルさえあれば商品を作成することが可能です。 弊社設備に関してはホームページを参照ください。