FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (2020/08/26)

Looking for an apparel OEM company?


  • Q1. What kind of website is "Apparel OEM Search"?
    Apparel OEM Search" is a matching service that connects people who want to place orders for garment production with apparel OEM companies. You can search for apparel OEM clients and business partners for free.
    This site lists many Japanese and overseas apparel OEM/ODM companies, and those considering garment production can search for individual companies by area or consult with multiple OEM companies at once for free.

  • Q2.What is the free one-time consultation service?
    In the free batch consultation service, when a client registers the details of a job request, the details are simultaneously distributed to multiple OEMs, and the OEMs send contact messages with proposals, questions, and rough estimates.
    Communication between the client and each OEM company can be done by sending and receiving messages directly through the site's chat. For more information.

  • Q3. To what extent is "Apparel OEM Search" involved in the transaction?
    Apparel OEM Search" provides a place where people who wish to place orders for garment production can meet with OEM companies.
    OEM companies are not involved in the transaction such as negotiation, contract, and payment, but the client and OEM company directly communicate with each other.

  • Q4. Is it available for individual use?
    This service is available not only for corporations such as joint-stock companies and limited liability companies, but also for sole proprietors.
    Some OEM companies may not accept individual work requests, so please inquire individually.


For OEM/ODM companies


  • Q1. Is it free to register my apparel OEM company information?
    Apparel OEM company information registration is free of charge. Anyone can register their company information with us to recommend OEM companies.
    When registering, please make sure your information is up-to-date and provide the minimum required information.
    Please note that the management reserves the right to delete companies that do not meet the purpose of this site.

  • Q2. Can I register a sole proprietorship as a company?
    Individuals running their own apparel OEM business are also eligible to register.

  • Q3.How can I use services such as editing company information and contacting bulk consultation projects?
    OEM company membership registration is required to use services such as editing company information, registering production achievements, and contacting for batch consultation projects.
    You can register as an OEM member by clicking the link at the bottom of the company information page. If your company information is not yet registered, please register your company information first and then register as an OEM member.
    There is currently no fee for registering, and services such as contacting bulk consultation cases are also available from free of charge.

  • Q4. What are the pricing plans for OEM members?
    There are two free plans and three paid plans for OEM members, all of which have no initial cost and no contingency fee. The fee for the paid plans is a monthly fee, and the amount and services vary depending on the plan. (Currently, a campaign is being offered for as low as 5,000 yen per month.)

  • Q5. If I actually sign a contract with a client, is there any contingency fee?
    Please be assured that there are no contingency fees or other costs associated with the "Apparel OEM Search.