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  • Pet goods OEM production consultation

    We are planning to launch a brand of doggie products targeting owners in their late 20's to 40's. We are looking for OEM companies for dog clothes, leashes, collars, toys, dog cart accessories, bedding, etc. (If possible, we would like to have link coordination with the owners). We are ready to provide simple images, etc. The brand will be based on the concept of putting dogs first, so excessive decoration is not necessary. We would like to use 100% cotton as the material for products that touch the dogs, and for collars, we would like to use leather or a cushioning material to prevent slipping. Our company is currently run by two people and is based in Tokai, but we are open to any area as long as you are available via email, phone, or online. We would also appreciate it if you could answer the following questions -What is the minimum lot size for one product? -Please also let us know the increase or decrease in unit price with an increase or decrease in the number of lots. -Time to delivery -Payment method (credit card, debit, bank transfer, etc.) -Delivery and other services (whether they are available or not, and if so, what form they take). Thank you in advance. (*Translated from Japanese.)

  • OEM production of synthetic fiber items that can be worn by both men and women

    Nice to meet you I am ** of ***** Co. We are currently in the process of exchanging ideas for original clothing to be sold this winter, and we would like to produce one item other than sweatshirts and hoodies that are made of synthetic fibers. Therefore, I am contacting OEM companies to see if they have any suggestions for us. Delivery date: end of November Pattern: Original graphic (print or full pattern) We have not yet decided on a budget, so if you can make a good proposal, we would be happy to proceed as is. We are looking for synthetic fiber items for both men and women in their late 30s and 40s. Thank you in advance. (*Translated from Japanese.)

  • Looking for an OEM company for bags, small accessories and sporting items.

    I have trademark rights. BAGS 1 Items that can be used for lunch 2 Items that can be used on a daily basis Small items 1 Key chain 2 Accessories 2 Items that can be used for sports 1 Towels 2 Socks, etc. We are planning to manufacture items that can be used for a wide range of products from teens and up. First, we would like to know the cost. Next, if you know the lot size, etc., please let us know. If you have any promotional brochures, etc. We would also like you to mail them to us. (*Translated from Japanese.)

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