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  • コンパクト布ナプキン用洗濯ネット

  • 撥水防水スカート

  • 【消臭・抗菌】サニタリーポーチ

  • 温活ポケット付きお腹あたためショーツ

  • おやすみシルクアイマスク (蓄熱発熱綿を使用)

  • 骨盤底筋サポートガードル (特許出願中)

  • オーガニックコットン100% 布ナプキン

  • 温活テーピング骨盤ベルト 

  • 足首ふかふかウォーマー (蓄熱発熱綿を使用)

  • お腹・腰ふかふかウォーマー (蓄熱発熱綿を使用)

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Latest Asks

  • We want to print our own design on clothes for very large dogs.

    We create designs that are a cross between art and Bernese with the motif of the super-sized Bernese Mountain Dog. This is our original brand "BernArt8.2". We aim to create an apparel brand that can be paired with super-sized dogs. The brand is aimed at owners of super large dogs. We are looking for a factory that can print 5 different designs drawn by creators on sleeveless clothes and T-shirts for super large dogs. We are hoping for small lots. We would also like to make clothes for dogs that can be paired with T-shirts and sweatshirts for humans. Thank you in advance. (*Translated from Japanese.)

  • Consultation on T-shirt creation

    We are developing an apparel brand in Japan called ***** targeting the demographic of men and women in their teens to 40s. We are contacting you to develop a new line of T-shirts. We are looking for a company that can do high quality, small lot, and low cost. First, we would like you to make a sample, and after confirming it, we would like to request production in small lot format. We look forward to hearing from you. (*Translated from Japanese.)

  • Men's Sportswear

    I run a kickboxing gym in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. I'm looking for stretchy clothes that are easy to move in. I would like to put my gym's logo on it. I want to make clothes that are easy to move in, so that anyone can wear them and still be able to move their body. I would like to be able to talk directly with you and see the fabrics before making a decision, so if you have a company nearby, that would be great! (*Translated from Japanese.)

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