Apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Asia

Here are 1741 apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Asia. You can find recommended apparel OEM companies by category and genre.

Apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Asia

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  • Vixen Aim Co., Ltd.

    2-2-12 Vort building 2F ,Okubo, Shinjuku-ku,Shinjuku,Tokyo

    • apparel
    • petwear
    • smalllot

    OEM,ODM company specializing in pet clothes / Ladies' wear also available

    Hello !! we are Vixen Aim <What we can make> All Pet Supplies All human apparel All Children's Apparel All apparel sundries <Our Characteristics/Specialize > We have English speaking staff International shipping available On-time delivery Detailed sewing available We promise high quality Japanese fabric collection available <Add Specialize > We can help you sell your pet brand to Japan We can help you sell your Japanese pet brand overseas <About us> Vixen Aim is the Pet Clothing Industry's Trusted Pet Supplier We are the only company that can "go this far. We are not just a pet manufacturer. We are a specialist in contract manufacturing that combines the three elements of "proposal capability," "production capability," and "support capability. About ODM We are not just a pet product manufacturer. We are a specialist in ODM contract manufacturing that combines the "proposal ability" to develop the customer's product image and plan, the "production ability" to actually give shape to the product, and the "support ability" to handle product management and delivery. We aim to realize "products that sell" by utilizing our wealth of experience and the latest market information. We handle everything from development to manufacturing in-house, so we can serve as your company's "planning and development department" and "manufacturing department. You can use us as your "planning and development department" and "manufacturing department". About OEM We work behind the scenes to create the products you want. We will give shape to your image, design, and what you want to make. We will work behind the scenes to produce and deliver products according to the customer's requests. Even for a single apparel item, we can take care of everything from design, pattern, samples (1st, 2nd, and advance orders all possible), fabric collection, material collection, printing, embroidery (ai design production for printing and embroidery possible), mass production, tag production (quality labeling, brand name, hanging, everything), and delivery. All you have to do is tell us, "Make this.” We can do all the work for you, all you have to do is tell us, "I want to make a pet line for my apparel brand, and I want to make items that pair well with people. But I'm clueless about pets..." We are happy to help such companies as well.

    • VixenAim (Co., Ltd.) Leave the OEM of apparel, whether human or PET, to us!
    • VixenAim (Co., Ltd.) If you want to OEM your pets and link coding, we are the right company for you!
    • VixenAim (Co., Ltd.) We can also handle your dog's leashes and collars! We help you create the best & most appropriate products from our extensive experience!
    • VixenAim (Co., Ltd.) We can also accommodate those who want to insist on Japanese products♪
    • VixenAim (Co.) I want to start up a pet apparel business! Zero-based consultation is also available♡
    • VixenAim (Co., Ltd.) If you are looking for pet apparel, leave it to our experienced company!
    • 高クオリティなペット服なら弊社にお任せください!
    • ペットのフード、グッズのOEMもお任せください!
    • ペットのお洋服はお任せください!
    • 飼い主さんとペットの夢のリンクコーデも弊社へお任せください!
    • ペットからキッズ・レディース・メンズまでなんでも作れます!
    • 型紙や仕様書の制作もお手伝いできます!
  • 株式会社 ココン・スタジオ


    • パターン
    • スモールロット
    • 縫製工場


    大阪長堀橋で立ち上げて20年、アパレル経験豊富なメンバーで企画提案からパターン作製、グレーディング、 国内工場での生産まで一括してお手伝い出来ます。  生地、付属手配も可能! 布帛、カットソーの一般衣料品から、マタニティ、ユニバーサルデザイン、コンサート衣装やアミューズメントパークの衣装など幅広く手掛けています。 最近は個人の方の御依頼も小ロットからお受けしています。 もちろん、パターンのみ、生産のみの御依頼もお待ちしています!



    • OEM
    • アパレル
    • 小ロット

    Mass production of discerning original design products Reliable support by experienced staff

    We are developing a business called DESIGNLAB. We provide OEM services for apparel products in general, from individuals to corporate brands. We help customers who start apparel business from scratch to create original products We also have designers and pattern makers. We also have designers and pattern makers, so we can consult with you on planning. We mainly produce in Korea and Japan in order to respond to small-lot production of various types of products. Depending on the content of your project and production volume, we can also produce in China (woven and knitted fabrics), Myanmar (uniforms, children's wear, etc.), and Thailand. Myanmar (mainly uniforms and children's wear). We can also handle production in China (woven and knit) and Myanmar (uniforms and children's wear) depending on the content of the customer's project and production volume. In addition to corporate brands, we also provide services for influencer brands, new apparel businesses, and We can also produce apparel products for events, influencer brands, and new businesses.

    • Apparel OEM small lot design 
  • Nishihama Footwears Corp, Co., ltd.


    • PU
    • OEM
    • ODM


    フットウェアの企画開発でお悩みなら当社にご相談ください。靴の企画開発に心配を抱えていらっしゃるご担当者さま! 当社にお任せ下さい! スポーツシューズから革靴、スニーカー、長靴まで多種多様なフットウェアの企画開発をお客様と一緒に創り上げます! 長年培ったノウハウにより、小ロット、コスト、素材、デザイン提案など様々なニーズにお応え致します! 【なぜ西濱履物商店なのか?】 新社会人から今までずっと靴の企画開発に従事しておりました。 数々の失敗と成功を嚙み砕きながら邁進してきた中で得た フットワークと提案力なら自身があります! 「できない理由」を説明するのではなく「こうすればできる」といった回答を常に心掛けております! まずはお気軽にメール,お電話お待ちしております!!

    • Our Mission
    • We have OEM experience in various categories.
    • We have OEM experience in various categories.
    • Small lot cost Please contact us for more information!
    • We also undertake OEM of genuine leather phone cases!
  • zhexuan(guangzhou) garment's co.,ltd


    • Tシャツ
    • 布帛
    • カットソー


    弊社は日本向けのOEM衣料品輸出企業で、主に休暇用男/女性向けの衣料品を生産しています。また、ニット、カットソー、デニムなど、様々な素材やスタイルの商品を生産しています。 弊社は、お客様のニーズに応えるために、高品質でデザイン性の高い製品を提供することに特化しています。弊社の製品は、優れた素材と手仕事による職人技を駆使して作られており、長く使い続けることができる耐久性があります。 弊社は、お客様との信頼関係を築くことを大切に考えており、お客様の要望に常に真摯に対応しています。また、継続的な改善を行い、より良い製品とサービスを提供することに取り組んでいます。 弊社は、多くのお客様(松屋、caps、parksなど)と長年にわたって協力してきました。弊社は、お客様からの信頼と評価を受け、OEM衣料品輸出業界でリーディングカンパニーの地位を確立しています。 今後も、常に最新の素材やトレンドを取り入れ、お客様に最高の製品とサービスを提供するために努めてまいります。 常に新しいお客様とのビジネスチャンスを探し続けています。弊社は、お客様との協力を通じて、共同で成長し、発展することを願っています。 弊社の製品に興味をお持ちいただけましたら、ぜひお問い合わせください。弊社は、お客様のニーズに合わせた最適なソリューションを提供することをお約束します。 また、弊社は、新しいビジネスパートナーとの協力によって、両社のビジネスを成長させることを期待しています。弊社は、お客様と共にビジネスを発展させ、お互いに成功を手に入れることを目指しています。 弊社と一緒に仕事をすることに興味がある場合は、お気軽にお問い合わせください。弊社は、お客様との成功に全力で取り組み、ビジネスパートナーシップを築くことを楽しみにしています。

    • busy market
    • Lace stocking
    • work environment
    • cotton broth
    • cotton skirt
    • rayon
    • cotton and linen check
    • cotton check
    • denim
    • Cotton Rayon Warn Piece
    • Rayon polka dot warn piece

    302, 3-24-4 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • knit
    • cutsew
    • woven

    OEM of knitwear, cut & sewn, and woven fabrics, producing original products from raw materials.

    AKINO PROJECT INC. of Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, is an OEM company of knitwear, cut & sewn, and woven fabrics. The company's strength lies in its ability to produce original products from raw materials. There are many cases in which unique raw materials (yarns, fabrics, and knitted fabrics) are required for the development of unique products, but many companies seem to have a problem with minimum production lots of raw materials, which prevents them from developing enough products. We are involved in the development of raw materials and planning with customers who value their own unique world view, and we have earned a good reputation by helping them plan small-lot projects. It is not easy to maintain a brand's world view and sales performance in small-lot production, but some customers appreciate our world view and are able to achieve results regardless of the product price. We would be happy to work with customers who wish to express their world view by producing just enough to meet the demand for their brand, and we would be happy to be involved in the development of attractive products. Although we are a small company, we have experience competing with large companies in terms of knowledge from raw materials to product development, and we would like to make use of this experience for small-lot customers who are particular about their brands.


    1261-84 Toyokura-cho, Kasai City, Hyogo, Japan

    • sewingfactory
    • lingerie
    • innerwear

    We have many years of experience in the production of innerwear, lingerie, sportswear, supporters, and beaded cushions.

    We are a sewing manufacturer specializing in innerwear, lingerie, sportswear, and supporters in Hyogo Prefecture. With our advanced technology and proactive approach to everything, we have been taking on OEM, ODM, and joint development production for many companies, and our sewing technology cultivated through our business dealings is highly evaluated in the industry. We have our own sewing factories in Japan, China, and Vietnam, and we divide our product awareness into four segments: domestic in-house production for high-grade products, cooperative factories in Japan for delivery-oriented products, factories in China for price-oriented products, and factories in Vietnam for low-priced products. We have earned a high reputation for our ability to meet the needs of our customers while utilizing the same sewing technology. We have been involved in the development of production equipment (including patented equipment) for innerwear, which is our greatest strength, and with stable quality and productivity, we have been receiving orders and gaining trust for many years as a leading company in the sewing industry. We have introduced the T.S.S. Toyota Production System from the very beginning of our business, and have embodied this epoch-making system by integrating it with our own improvement equipment. In particular, our self-developed inspection and shipping system has achieved "zero" distribution errors through the development and introduction of error-proof improvement equipment with the goal of achieving "zero" human error. In the sewing process, we aim for the same quality of products produced by all operators to achieve both quality and productivity, and we have achieved cost reductions by reducing the time required for sewing by one second. We also have specialized equipment such as flat seamer and no-sew machines. Product line: (men's, ladies', kids', and seniors') inner wear / cut and sewn / sportswear / interior goods / beaded cushions / medical supporters / medical gowns / cloth masks / hygiene caps / workwear / cleaning goods / outdoor goods We will start from planning and proposal.

    • Nursing Bras & Panties
    • Recycled T-shirts
    • Merino Wool Inner T-Shirt
    • functional boxer briefs
    • night bra
    • patent boxer briefs
    • night bra
    • Large size bra
    • pelvic girdle
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  • Airera Co.Ltd.


    • インナー
    • アウター
    • カットソー


    ジャンル問わずアパレル製品の生産を請け負います。 OEM生産の対応も可能です。 まずはお問い合わせ下さい。

  • MASA International Co., Ltd.

    3-16-6, Ryukakujidai, Sakae-cho, Inba-, Chiba, Japan

    • bag
    • leather
    • cosmetics

    Proposal of beauty and lifestyle OEM that connects people and products

    Our company accepts planning and proposal of original products. Our categories are apparel and cosmetics. We can help you with OEM proposals for leather goods, bags, ladies, men, and unisex products in small lots at our affiliated factories in Japan and overseas. We can assist you from small lot to large lot. We have a lot of experience in domestic production and overseas production in India, China, and Vietnam. We can make detailed proposals for planning, metal fittings, and selection of materials. We can also provide OEM of original Japanese cosmetics from small lots! For cosmetics, we have been widely expanding our own products made with a focus on water, which is unique to Japan, to overseas customers. Please contact us for bottle, design, and labeling services. We may be a small company, but we are confident in our abilities! We look forward to hearing from you.

    • This is a unisex tote bag proposed to a certain brand.
    • This lightweight bag is made of soft shrink with matching enamel.
    • Lace is applied and stamped on the surface of leather. We created this product with the image of a certain brand.
    • Lace is applied and stamped on the surface of leather. We created this product with the image of a certain brand.
  • X-style lab.

    4-4-12-901, Uchikyuhojimachi, Osaka Shi Chuo Ku, Osaka Fu, 540-0013, Japan

    • oem
    • パターン
    • 皮革

    Ladies' and mens' pattern and OEM manufacturer

    Osaka-based pattern and OEM manufacturer. They create well-designed patterns for both ladies and mens. Sample sewing and OEM services are also available. (The company has recently moved to Kyoto)

  • 株式会社ワールドトレード

    静岡県浜松市中区砂山町340番地の7 TOMOビル102

    • 小ロット
    • アパレル全般
    • 革製品


    30個からの小ロットで、革製品・衣料品のOEM製造を承ります。 当社提携先の中国工場は、大手ブランドメーカーとの取引実績が多数ございます。 品質管理や技術管理も徹底しており、安心してお任せいただけます。 【幅広い取り扱いアイテム】 レディース メンズ カットソー バッグ シューズ Tシャツ パーカー プリント シャツ スーツ ブラウス ワンピース スカート キッズ ベビー ペット ネクタイ レザー 鞄 財布 ベルト 靴 ・衣料品全般 最小ロット30個~ ・鞄 最小ロット30個~ 詳しくは、当社ホームページをご覧ください。 高品質で低価格、小規模な発注からでも、信頼できる工場にお任せしたい方は、 是非当社にご依頼ください。お気軽にお問合せお待ちしております。

    • Ladies Bags
    • Leather Business Bag
    • tops
    • suit made to order
    • pants
    • dress
    • dress
    • inner
    • Leather bag
  • Amina Collection co.,LTD.

    7th floor, Creed Building, 123 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

    • テキスタイル
    • 裁断
    • プリント

    Small lots and short delivery times possible.We have a wide variety of production backgrounds both domestically and internationally.

    Amina Collection Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that imports, retails, and wholesales products. We have about 150 directly managed stores nationwide, including ethnic goods such as ``Chaihane'', as well as Hawaiian and Japanese goods. We also have overseas production backgrounds in more than 20 countries, and we have formed a specialized OEM team to work with each company. In addition to overseas production, we also have cutting machines at our domestic factory, so we can also handle small-lot production and quick delivery. Additionally, we develop over 30,000 SKU of original products every year, so we are able to perform basic production for apparel and miscellaneous goods. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Prime Developments Co., Ltd.

    Unit 12 15/F Block A Profit Industrial Bldg. 1-15 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung NT, Hong Kong

    • bag
    • uniform
    • smalllot

    Original bags and apparel in small lots from the production area.

    The basis of our corporate philosophy is that our work must first be "heart-centered. And before being a creator of products, we must be a rich imagineer. Since our establishment in 2002, we have always kept in mind "to propose and provide products that satisfy Japanese customers from a position closer to the place of production" as we have developed our business. In the midst of the recent major changes in the market environment, we are always looking for partners who can share the joy of manufacturing and new approaches in the ever-changing values and worldview of the times, as well as OEM/ODM of bags and apparel, which is our greatest strength. January 2022. In January 2022, on the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we will reincarnate and relaunch as a comprehensive apparel creator, incorporating the apparel business launched last year into the bag business of the main body of the company. The first step will be the creation of uniforms. For more information, please visit our website.

    • Spring/Summer 2022
    • Spring/Summer 2022
    • Spring/Summer 2022
    • Spring/Summer 2022
    • Spring/Summer 2022
    • Spring/Summer 2022
  • ETOE co.,ltd

    No.1105 11F ,Art of center Tokyo,1-4-1Senjyu,Adachiku,Tokyo, Japan

    • カットソー
    • レディース
    • インナー

    Our company that plans and designs ODM and OEM for underwear and inner apparel.

    We are professional specialist in women's underwear and inner apparel designing. With over 20 years experience. We can create original patterns and propose products that meet your needs. I would be happy to answer any questions and help you create a wonderful product. We will make a proposal depending on the content, whether it is produced in Japan or overseas.

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  • Guangzhou Taizen Apparel Co., Ltd


    • 小ロット
    • 高品質
    • アパレルOEM


    初めまして! 広州太善服飾有限会社のAnneと申します。 1.当社は10年以上のアパレル生産経験を持っている工場で専門に韓国・日本のアパレルオーダーを対応しており、オリジナルアパレルのOEM/ODMまでご協力ししています。生地、商材、副材の提案とご紹介もスピーディーに対応しています。 2.取り扱っているカテゴリーとしてレディースワンピース、ブラウス、トップス、スカート、Tシャツ、ニット、デニム、パンツ以外にもメンズ向けのアウター、綿服、ズボン、ジャケットとユニフォーム、スポーツウェアなど幅広いオリジナルアパレルを製作納品しています。 3.小ロット高品質が当社の特徴で1デザインでサイズ色込み100-200枚から製作対応しています。サンプル製作から量産納品まで日本語熟練とアパレルオーダー管理経験豊富の担任が親切に発注からアウターサービスまで協力しており、 サンプル製作は5-7日間、量産は数量により2-4週間になっています。 4.出荷商品に対して社内全数詳細検品と検針を行いし、第三者の検品を対応可能です。 5.アパレル以外にもお客様のニーズに合わせて服飾・雑貨の輸入代行もサポートしています。 取り扱っているジャンルは財布・バッグ、帽子、シューズ・ペットグッズ・、キャンプ・アウト用品、 ゴルフグッズなどになります。 打ち合わせは電話、メール、ライン、ZOOMでも対応可能です。 アパレルと雑貨のオリジナル製作に関しては先に問い合わせお願いします。

    • swimsuit
    • Yoga wear, sportswear
    • #Sportswear OEM
    • #Jersey OEM, #Sportswear OEM
    • #OEM T-shirts,#Long T-shirts
    • #Men's Tops OEM, Hoodies OEM
    • #Original T-shirt production
    • #Original T-shirt production #Men's wear OEM
    • #China T-Shirt OEM
    • #Children's Clothing #Baby/Kids' Clothing #Junior Clothing (Kids)
  • GalaxyCreative.

    2764-10 Chino, Chino City, Nagano, Japan

    • smalllot
    • fullitem
    • goods

    Production of apparel and accessories in China, Japan and Korea

    We can freely design and produce original apparel products, bags, etc. We can produce large or small lots in our sample room. We can also produce small lots of knitted fabrics.

  • 株式会社かなエール


    • レディース
    • メンズ
    • キッズ


    アパレルOEM/ODM事業におけるすべての分野で豊富な経験・知識・背景を有しており、 様々な面でお力になれます。 【出来る事】 ・商品企画/開発 (素材開発/企画/手配含む) ・デザイン/仕様書作成 ・サンプル作成~チェック ・量産の生産管理 (工場設定/コスト管理/納期管理) ・納品までの手配一式 (海外生産の場合、輸入手続きも含む) お困りの事やこれから始めたい事、まずは何でもお気軽にお声掛け下さい。 (個人・法人問いません) 【過去実績概要】 ・大手カジュアル小売店の企画生産管理 (新規素材開発~) ・アーティストのイベント・コンサートグッズの作成 ・有名ブランドの生産管理代行業務 ・100万人以上の登録者を持つ有名YouTubeチャンネルのグッズ など、幅広い実績を持っておりますので、多方面でお役に立てると思います。 何卒宜しくお願い致します!

    • Sundries are also supported!
    • Various T-shirts!
    • Various knits!
    • One-piece is also acceptable!
    • Various bottoms!
    • Various sweatshirts!
    • Various outerwear!
    • Extensive track record!
  • SUNNY DAYS Co.,Ltd.

    4-27-13, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    • apparel
    • casual
    • knit

    Casual is our specialty. Good footwork.

    We are an OEM company in Sendagaya specializing in casual wear, mainly knit and cut. We have factories in China, Korea, Japan, and India. We have factories in China, South Korea, Japan, and India, and we assign the most appropriate production background to each factory after carefully examining the details of the request. We have received many orders for sportswear (golf, fitness, climbing, etc.). We also provide purchasing and attending services in Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Korean product markets. We can also provide inventory management and shipping services (for both corporate and individual customers) at our affiliated warehouses in Japan. OEM/ODM ●We produce full items of knit, cut, and woven fabrics in China, and can also handle various secondary processing.  For knitwear, we have an extensive yarn color sample book, so production in small lots is possible.  For cut and woven fabrics, we can propose the most suitable fabrics from market fabrics/original fabrics. ● We produce cut and sewn products in Korea and Japan. In India, we produce woven products.  The fabric texture, embroidery, etc. unique to Indian products are the characteristics of our products.  Depending on the number of pieces, we can also make original check patterns from fabrics. We also have designers who can respond to detailed instructions.  We can also make proposals as an ODM. We also have subcontracted pattern makers, so we can create even the most delicate designs and particular details. Even if you think it might be difficult, please contact us first. We can also provide ODM services. Product shopping at the market and attending to the customers We will send you images of new products every day from our local staff, so you can enjoy fresh items without having to go on a business trip.  However, our local staff will send you images of new products every day, so you can introduce, purchase samples of, and buy fresh items without having to go on a business trip. We have a thorough inspection process at our partner factories, so we can minimize any problems that may occur during the buying process. We can also arrange small changes, such as fabric, color, and length. We can also attach brand names, hang tags, and laundry labels. (We can also make them if you have enough of them.) If there is a product you want, we will find it on site and propose it to you. We especially recommend this service for those who want to purchase products without worrying about lot size for online sales, etc.

  • Trim Planning

    4F, 1-10, Kashima-cho, Gifu City, Gifu

    • ladies
    • cutsew
    • knit

    Ladies' apparel OEM/ODM

    An apparel OEM manufacturer located in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The company handles mainly ladies' apparel, including woven fabrics, cut and sewn garments, knitwear, and accessories. The company's strength lies in its integrated production, from merchandising to design, patterns, and samples, all done in-house.

  • TOSTO co., ltd

    21-20, Ishihama Chuo, Higashiura-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi, Japan

    • shoes
    • sneaker
    • madeinjapan

    Shoe factory with own factories in Japan and China

    Tosto Corporation (Aichi Prefecture) has its own shoe factories in Okayama and China. We offer the best production methods to meet our customers' needs, such as small-lot production in Japan and knockdown production in China, where we can achieve a high level of price and quality. We will respond flexibly from 100 pairs to lower the hurdle for OEM shoe production. Please feel free to contact us.