Apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Tohoku

Here are 123 apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Tohoku. You can find recommended apparel OEM companies by category and genre.

Apparel OEM companies and Clothing manufacturers in Tohoku

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  • Misaki

    2-3-3 Hamada, Sakata City, Yamagata, Japan

    • ladies
    • cutsew
    • sewingfactory

    From small lots to large orders! This factory specializes in cut and sewn products.

    Our company is a cut and sewn factory. We do a wide range of items from 100 pieces to large orders. We have experience with UA, UR, SHIPS, JUN, NOLLYS, and others. We have the capacity to sew 10,000 simple T-shirts per month. My specialty is ladies' T-shirts, dresses, and skirts, but I can also sew mens' and kids' products. We do everything from cutting to sewing to finishing, so please feel free to contact us. We also have subcontract factories for printing, embroidery, washing, etc., so please feel free to contact us. Please note that fabrics, patterns, and materials must be supplied.

  • 有限会社プリントハウス


    • Tシャツ
    • ユニフォーム
    • プリント


    有限会社プリントハウスは、1991年に設立してから今日まで一貫して衣類のプリントと縫製を生業としています。長年培った技術力とノウハウでお客様のご要望にお応えできるように頑張っています。 近年は、海外でのプリントや縫製も価格が上昇しているため、国内生産が見直されてきました。末永くお付き合いできる企業の一つとして有限会社プリントハウスが選ばれるように精進していきます。

  • プロスノード株式会社


    • OEM
    • 財布
    • 若年層


    独立・起業・OEM生産10年 ●製造製品 財布等 革小物全般 ●業界経験年数 役員10~40年、従業員1年~30年 ●平均年齢 約40歳(40歳以上4名、40歳以下10名) ●設備等 裁断機、革漉機、ミシン、全種革製品に必要な道具 ●扱い品種 牛、馬、豚、ヌメ、各種型押 ●受注可能 OEM、サンプル作成 ●月産能力 財布換算700本可能 ●打ち合わせ TEL、メール、オンライン、直接顔合 ●強み 現場で常に泥臭く動いている若手役員のため柔軟で臨機応変な対応可能です。 ベテラン若年層が多く、長く続けていける工場となっております。 様々な材料を扱い、知識が多いので現状のお客様には安心してお任せいただいております。 成立後はサンプル、材料等送っていただければすぐ量産可能です。 品質、納期を最優先で考えておりますのでスピーディーに上品質な作成しております。 打ち合わせ、生産など無駄を全て省き行動しております。 淡泊に受け取られるかもしれませんが御社も必要なことを投げていただくだけで進みますので手間を省けるかと思います。 現状もOEMを承っておりますので、受注数には上限がございます。 些細なことでもご相談いただければと思います。

  • Asian Class

    3-1, 12-minami, Hongo-dori, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

    • bag
    • goods
    • sewingfactory

    Vietnamese production with Japanese quality.

    An apparel OEM company located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The company handles a wide range of products, including general apparel, bags, sandals, handkerchiefs, pouches, stoles and other apparel goods, neckties, and custom-made dresses. With its own sewing factory in Vietnam and a network of various local Vietnamese factories, the company offers OEM production with excellent cost performance.

  • Tokyo fashion Co., Ltd.

    22 Uragido, Watari-machi, Watari-gun, Miyagi, Japan

    • ladies
    • mens
    • sewingfactory

    Manufacture of all items (other than pants) of women's clothing from heavy to medium-light clothing

    Tokyo fashion is a sewing factory that manufactures women's apparel. We manufacture heavy to medium-light clothing items (coats, jackets, dresses, blouses, shirts, skirts, etc.) mainly for department store apparel brands, using the latest equipment that can handle woven and stretch fabrics. (cad, cam, sponging, sewing machines dedicated to woven fabrics, stretch machines, semi-automatic sewing machines, press delivery equipment, etc.) Average age: Watari Factory 32 years old, Haramachi Factory 43 years old 100% domestic Lines are organized by item and delivery date at two factories in Tohoku. Sales are conducted at the Miyagi factory. Garment printing, transfer printing, cutting sheet printing, name embroidery, etc. We can also do name embroidery, etc. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Sankei Crea co., ltd.

    1-18-6 Honjin-mae, Haramachi-ku, Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima, Japan

    • ladies
    • heavyclothing
    • sewingfactory

    Woven fabric sewing factory capable of producing samples and small lots (up to 15 pieces)

    Based on nearly 50 years of experience in mass-producing ladies' wear for department stores and collection brands, we are committed to carefully manufacturing mainly heavy-duty garments. We mainly handle samples as well as small lot sizes from 1 piece to 15 pieces, and we can also handle items other than bottoms, including dresses and blouses. (Only woven fabrics are available). Our samples have been used in many domestic and international collections and exhibitions, including the Paris Collection. We will make detailed proposals for mass production of samples so that the products will meet the customer's wishes, and we will deliver stable and better quality products, even for small lots, as all the sewing is done by one person. Patterns and materials are supplied by the customer. Please refer to our website for labor charges. We can also produce for individual brands. (We ask for half of the quoted price to be paid in advance.)

  • Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd.


    • knit
    • ladies
    • mens

    The strength of this knitwear factory is the combination of reliable technology and current sensibilities.

    A knit factory established in Yamagata, Japan in 1952. The company offers OEM/ODM for domestic and international brands, as well as original brands such as "COOHEM" and "THIS IS A SWEATER. The OEM/ODM business mainly produces original items for major select stores, and specializes in knitwear for the 20-40 age group. In addition, the company is also involved in manufacturing for collection brands and next-generation apparel companies that mainly use EC. A major feature of the company is that it has had an in-house knitting fabric development department for more than 40 years, which develops new yarns, patterns, and ideas for knit textiles on a daily basis. Currently, the company has more than 20,000 knit textiles, and these materials serve as the starting point for OEM/ODM manufacturing. The company boasts the largest production capacity for low-gauge knitwear in Japan, and is capable of mass-producing unique knitwear, including ground patterns such as powerful aran patterns and multi-material knit tweens, which are unique to low-gauge knitwear. The company has knitting machines ranging from 3 gauge to 12 gauge, and can handle everything from low gauge to high gauge. In recent years, the company has been focusing on the development of basic knitwear that is half a step ahead of its competitors, proposing new basics that look simple at first glance but are somehow new. These sharp and sophisticated knitwear products meet the demands of the younger generation as well as those with a sporty taste. Behind the brand's success are the skills, experience, and ideas that have been accumulated over many years of knitwear development. We fully produce knitwear so that even those who do not know or are not confident about knitwear can feel at ease in the production process. Flexible response to desired designs, costs, and schedules. The standard lot size is 100 pieces. Business meetings are available at our Tokyo office in Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

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  • Rainbow World

    3-6 Ogibuchi, Ogita, Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, Japan

    • handkerchief
    • scarf
    • print

    Printing of all textile products such as handkerchiefs, scarves, clothing, umbrellas, bags, etc.

    Rainbow World, located in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, offers printing services for all textile products, including handkerchiefs, scarves, clothing, umbrellas, and bags. Our integrated production system, which is rarely seen in the industry, from textile printing to cutting and sewing, enables us to produce high-quality products. We also feature one of the largest facilities in Japan, such as an automatic printing system with up to 14 colors.

  • Universe Industries Corporation

    1-10 Aza Jizo-daira, Oaza Toyomanai, Gotomachi, Mito-gun, Aomori, Japan

    • underwear
    • foundation
    • bra

    Corrective underwear (body-shaping, pelvic correction, breast enhancement), supporters

    Universe Industries Corporation, located in Goto-cho, Sanno-gun, Aomori Prefecture, is a manufacturer and seller of corrective underwear (body shape correction, pelvic correction, and breast enhancement) and supporters. The company sells products using functional fibers developed in-house to a wide range of fields. In addition to its own factories, the company has more than five affiliated factories in Japan, all of which manufacture its products in Japan. We are capable of integrated production from package creation to packaging.


    3-9-17 Okino, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, Japan

    • leather
    • bag
    • sewingfactory

    Manufacture of leather goods, bags and accessories

    The company manufactures and sews leather and leather goods, bags, and accessories. Branding, foil stamping, embroidery, printing, metal plates, and even conchos (buttons) can be produced at the same factory.


    32-1 Onigoe, Shirakawa City, Fukushima

    • ladies
    • mens
    • shirts

    Extensive experience in the production of famous ladies' and mens' brands

    Apparel manufacturer located in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. The company handles ladies' jackets, ladies' blouses, and mens' shirts. The company has a wealth of experience in the production of famous ladies' and mens' brands.


    58-9, Aza Kamifunabashi, Oaza Kawabe, Inakadate-mura, Minamitsugaru-gun, Aomori, Japan

    • suits
    • jacket
    • dresspants

    OEM production of mens tailored suits, jackets, dress pants, coats, and vests

    Headquartered in Inakadate-mura, Minamitsugaru-gun, Aomori Prefecture, Sunline Inc. is an OEM manufacturer of mens suits, jackets, pants, coats, vests, and more. Everything from pattern making to cutting, sewing, and finishing is done in the company's own factory, and its strength lies in high-mix, low-volume production.


    2-1-16 Oroshi-machi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, Japan

    • mens
    • ladies
    • leather

    OEM support for all types of products. Large-lot production of various types of products and small-lot production of small types of products are also available.

    An apparel OEM company located in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. OEM of all kinds of products from outerwear such as leather jackets and down jackets to cashmere knitwear and casual wear is possible. The company not only performs regular manufacturing, but can also handle requests for up to product planning. Ltd. directly handles product planning, design, securing of materials, etc., and manufactures products by type and material for all types of apparel at affiliated and related factories specializing in each type. Taking advantage of their respective characteristics, they can meet a wide variety of requests, from large-lot production of a wide variety of products to small-lot production of a small variety of products, as well as various types of handmade products.

  • frau inc.

    18-10 Tsurushiba, Shirakawa City, Fukushima

    • cutsew
    • knit
    • shirts

    Woven and knit sewing, shirt sewing

    An apparel manufacturer located in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. Specializes in woven and knit sewing and shirt sewing, and handles casual shirts, women's blouses, polo shirts, and knit shirts.

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  • Dysun Co., Ltd.

    36, Aza-machinouchi, Yanagida, Yanagawa-cho, Date-shi, Fukushima

    • knit
    • wool
    • sewingfactory

    Producing natural knitwear

    An apparel manufacturer located in Date City, Fukushima Prefecture. Specializing in knitwear, the company produces high quality products made in Japan. They are particular about materials such as premium wool and Japanese paper blend wool.

  • Quick

    106-3 Hachimantaira, Towada Suehiro, Kazuno, Akita

    • ladies
    • pleats
    • skirts

    Planning and designing high quality women's clothing

    An apparel manufacturer located in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, Japan. Focusing on women's clothing, the company offers a wide range of products including skirts, pants, blouses, dresses, jackets, and coats.

  • Sash

    119-1 Aza Shimomokawahara, Hachimantai, Kazuno, Akita  

    • bottoms
    • skirts
    • sewingfactory

    OEM specializing in bottoms, including ladies pants and skirts.

    An apparel manufacturer located in Kazuno, Akita Prefecture. Specializing in bottoms, the company handles ladies' pants, skirts, and mens' pants. SASH Co., Ltd. is a sewing factory that produces bottoms (ladies' pants, skirts, and men's pants) on an OEM basis.


    191-29, Aza Shimo-Yatsuhashi, Yatsuhashi, Akita City

    • apparel
    • mens
    • ladies

    The company manufactures top-brand products, including high-end jackets and coats for men and ladies.

    An apparel manufacturer located in Akita City, Japan. We offer a wide range of products from high-end jackets with wool-core processing for men and ladies to casual jackets with light donden specifications. The company mainly manufactures high-quality brand-name products in small lots and in many varieties.

  • Suzy Parkar

    1-33, Kita 7 Nishi 7-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

    • costume
    • uniform
    • yosakoi

    Yosakoi costumes, festival costumes, event costumes, etc.

    An apparel manufacturer located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. A costume manufacturer specializing in producing a variety of costumes such as yosakoi costumes, festival costumes, and event costumes. We provide total support from costume design consultation to size development, sample production, and sewing.


    7-9, Hondori 10-chome, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

    • uniform
    • ユニフォーム
    • 制服

    Specialized manufacturer of uniforms and uniforms, including traffic safety instructor uniforms

    An apparel manufacturer located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The company specializes in uniforms and uniforms such as traffic safety instructor uniforms. The company excels at manufacturing products that require safety, functionality, durability, and comfort.