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2 Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers with strong mens in Kyoto. A free bulk ask is useful to get a lump-sum quote from mens manufacturers.

Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers specializing in mens in Kyoto.

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    503 Shimoyamada, Yosano-cho, Yosagun, Kyoto, Japan

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    We offer a wide range of services including twisting, weaving, dyeing, and designing of polyester and other synthetic fiber fabrics for wide woven fabrics up to 3,000 mm (3.0 m).

    As a weaver specializing in synthetic fabrics in Tango, a major textile production area in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, Usui Orimono manufactures original products with stable quality, flexibility, and high reproducibility, which are possible only through integrated in-house production. In particular, we offer OEM proposals that take advantage of our twisted yarn technology and weaving process, which are indispensable for synthetic Tango Chirimen.

  • RaiseLab Co.,Ltd.

    501, 1-13, Nishikyogoku Nakazawa-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

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    One-stop service for brand growth from planning and design to production

    An apparel OEM company located in Kyoto, Japan. We provide OEM services for men's, women's, and children's apparel. They provide one-stop support for your production needs, such as "We want to review costs as production volume increases," "We want to stabilize quality," and "We want to produce special-order fabrics. They can deliver not only in finished products, but also handle requests for processing only (sewing and secondary processing), and also with regard to trade such as processing trade and product imports.