Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers with strong innerwear in Hyogo

3 Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers with strong innerwear, underwear, lingerie, foundation, bra in Hyogo. A free bulk ask is useful to get a lump-sum quote from innerwear, underwear, lingerie, foundation, bra manufacturers.

Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers specializing in innerwear, underwear, lingerie, foundation, bra in Hyogo.

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    1261-84 Toyokura-cho, Kasai City, Hyogo, Japan

    • sewingfactory
    • lingerie
    • innerwear

    We have many years of experience in the production of innerwear, lingerie, sportswear, supporters, and beaded cushions.

    We are a sewing manufacturer specializing in innerwear, lingerie, sportswear, and supporters in Hyogo Prefecture. With our advanced technology and proactive approach to everything, we have been taking on OEM, ODM, and joint development production for many companies, and our sewing technology cultivated through our business dealings is highly evaluated in the industry. We have our own sewing factories in Japan, China, and Vietnam, and we divide our product awareness into four segments: domestic in-house production for high-grade products, cooperative factories in Japan for delivery-oriented products, factories in China for price-oriented products, and factories in Vietnam for low-priced products. We have earned a high reputation for our ability to meet the needs of our customers while utilizing the same sewing technology. We have been involved in the development of production equipment (including patented equipment) for innerwear, which is our greatest strength, and with stable quality and productivity, we have been receiving orders and gaining trust for many years as a leading company in the sewing industry. We have introduced the T.S.S. Toyota Production System from the very beginning of our business, and have embodied this epoch-making system by integrating it with our own improvement equipment. In particular, our self-developed inspection and shipping system has achieved "zero" distribution errors through the development and introduction of error-proof improvement equipment with the goal of achieving "zero" human error. In the sewing process, we aim for the same quality of products produced by all operators to achieve both quality and productivity, and we have achieved cost reductions by reducing the time required for sewing by one second. We also have specialized equipment such as flat seamer and no-sew machines. Product line: (men's, ladies', kids', and seniors') inner wear / cut and sewn / sportswear / interior goods / beaded cushions / medical supporters / medical gowns / cloth masks / hygiene caps / workwear / cleaning goods / outdoor goods We will start from planning and proposal.

    • Nursing Bras & Panties
    • Recycled T-shirts
    • Merino Wool Inner T-Shirt
    • functional boxer briefs
    • night bra
    • patent boxer briefs
    • night bra
    • Large size bra
    • pelvic girdle
  • Nissin Kogyo

    901-3 Kuriyama, Hidaka-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo, Japan

    • underwear
    • innerwear
    • sewingfactory

    Sewing of men's and ladies' innerwear, etc.

    Nissin Kogyo in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, is a sewing factory that mainly sews innerwear for men and ladies. The company handles the entire process from cutting, sewing, inspection, and finishing.

  • ANDOR, Inc.

    3F, 12-10 Rokutanji-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo, Japan

    • bra
    • innerwear
    • lingerie

    OEM company that creates "bras that sell

    The company mainly offers bras, camisoles with bras, girdles, bodysuits, panties, and other women's underwear in general on an OEM basis. The company centrally manages all processes from planning to delivery, realizing the concept of "hit = sell.