Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Toyama

Here are 14 Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Toyama. You can find recommended Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers by category and genre.

Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Toyama

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    17-1 Oura, Himi City, Toyama, Japan

    • foundation
    • shorts
    • innerwear

    Sewing factory for foundation and innerwear, including bras and corrective underwear

    An OEM company of foundation and innerwear with its own factories in Japan and overseas. With many years of experien...

  • Zephyr Inc.

    5071-1 Nabata, Oyabe City, Toyama, Japan

    • petwear
    • dogwear
    • ペット

    Pet goods manufacturer of dog clothes and cat goods

    An apparel OEM-compatible company located in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture. The company operates "iDog&iCat," a pet ...


    1-7-11 Sakae-machi, Toyama City, Toyama

    • tshirts
    • print
    • sweatshirts

    T-shirt print store

    T-shirt print store located in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. In addition to T-shirts, we also offer sweatsh...

  • Miyamori

    208 Haniu, Oyabe City, Toyama

    • apparel
    • sportswear
    • sewingfactory

    Production capacity of over 1 million pieces per year made in Japan

    An apparel manufacturer located in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture. The company handles all types of apparel and speci...

  • 株式会社カジメイク


    • レインウェア
    • ワークウェア
    • レイングッズ


    株式会社カジメイクは富山県高岡市に本社を置くアパレルメーカーです。 レインウェア・ワークウェア・バッグ等の企画・製造...


    736-7 Dojo, Nanto City, Toyama, Japan

    • womens
    • kids
    • sewingfactory

    Sewing and processing of women's and children's clothing

    AXE GROUP, located in Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, is a sewing manufacturer that sews and processes women's and chi...


    26 Iwaya, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture

    • Womens
    • Innerwear
    • ReinforcedUnderwear

    Manufacture of women's underwear

    MATSUDASANGYO Co., Ltd. is a sewing factory located in Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture. It is a sewing factory special...

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  • 株式会社リライエンス


    • レディース
    • インナー
    • ベビー用品


    株式会社リライエンスは富山県氷見市に本社を置く縫製工場です。 高い品質が求められる高級補正下着・ランジェリー・インナ...

  • 株式会社ラポージェ


    • 着物
    • 雑貨
    • 和裁


    株式会社ラポージェは富山県氷見市にある縫製工場です。 和を基調にしたアイテムを扱っており、着物や雑貨などを製造してお...

  • 助野株式会社


    • 靴下
    • レッグウェア
    • ソックス


    助野株式会社は、靴下およびレッグウェアの製造販売を行っています。 東京・大阪中心にOEM経験豊富な営業・企画スタッフが在...

  • AiMAC Co., Ltd.

    275-2 Nakana, Fuchu-cho, Toyama City, Toyama, Japan

    • kids
    • sewingfactory
    • キッズ

    Sewing factory specializing in children's clothing

    AiMAC, located in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, is an apparel sewing factory specializing in children's clothing. ...

  • STR Corporation.

    355-1, Yamizu-cho, Oyabe City, Toyama, Japan

    • innerwear
    • underwear
    • foundation

    OEM of ladies' innerwear and foundation garment

    STR Corporation has two production bases, one in Japan and the other in China, and is engaged in the OEM of ladies' i...

  • RANBUHL Co., Ltd.

    53-5 Nabata, Oyabe City, Toyama, Japan

    • underwear
    • lingerie
    • foundation

    Foundation, lingerie and underwear manufacturer

    RANBUHL is one of Japan's leading OEM manufacturers of underwear, with a commitment to all things made in Japan. We ...

  • Muranaka Syugei

    65-2, Yasuyoshi, Imizu City, Toyama, Japan

    • ladies
    • mens
    • petwear

    OEM company with a track record of making products for the Imperial Household

    An apparel OEM company located in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture. We accept small-lot orders for women's clothing for...