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Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers in Aichi

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  • TOSTO co., ltd

    21-20, Ishihama Chuo, Higashiura-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi, Japan

    • shoes
    • sneaker
    • madeinjapan

    Shoe factory with own factories in Japan and China

    Tosto Corporation (Aichi Prefecture) has its own shoe factories in Okayama and China. We offer the best production methods to meet our customers' needs, such as small-lot production in Japan and knockdown production in China, where we can achieve a high level of price and quality. We will respond flexibly from 100 pairs to lower the hurdle for OEM shoe production. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Self employed RS

    24-4 Ipponmatsu NishikawabataMachi AisaiShi AICHI

    • 中国生産
    • 小ロット
    • メンズ

    Small lot OEM available for individuals Made in China

    Outerwear, snowboard jackets, pants, High spec features with water pressure resistance of 20,000 and moisture permeability of 10,000. With seam tape. Test inspections at Japanese inspection institutions are also possible. We can also make original bags and purses. Tote bags, glove compartments, backpacks, zip cases, etc. Printed t-shirts for events and clubs are also available. Please feel free to contact us first. Our company is not registered with the invoice system, so we would like to do business with companies and individuals who understand our needs.

    • Water Repellent Outdoor Poncho
    • Outdoor Fleece Pants
    • Snow bib pants 20,000mm water resistant 10,000g breathable
    • MA-1 type snow wear, water resistant 20,000mm, breathable 10,000g
    • Outdoor Jacket Water resistant 20,000mm Breathable 10,000g
    • rash guard
    • Stretch denim pants
    • jacket with team's logo
    • skate bag
    • carry bag
  • 株式会社シーエスマインド


    • カットソー
    • 小ロット
    • 国内自社工場生産


    株式会社シーエスマインドは、主に高級既製服の縫製を行っている縫製工場です プルオーバー、ブラウス、ワンピースなどレディース、メンズ問わず既製服オールアイテムを生産しています ジャージ素材8割M、布帛素材2割生産 衣装や仕事服(事務服、作業服、エプロン)など小ロットにも対応 産業用カバーなどにも対応可能 サンプル作製(東レパターンマジック)、裁断(島精機P-CAM、ナムックスECOPIAなど)、縫製(本縫い、ロック、二本針、三本針ミシンその他多数)仕上げ、検査、ハンガー出荷対応、社内一貫生産 お客様に寄り添い、共に成長し、高品質にて仕上げます

  • 31℃

    3, Ryoterauchi Sengoku Yashiki, Sobue-cho, Inazawa, Aichi

    • apparel
    • ladies
    • goods

    Apparel/clothing professionals

    An apparel manufacturer with an office in Inazawa, Aichi. The company covers a wide range of apparel/clothing goods, mainly hats and stoles for ladies and mens. The company is able to respond to a wide variety of requests for quality, price, and lot size. The company also provides store operation support and web/EC site construction support as part of its retail support business. We also offer original goods that take advantage of the above characteristics. In recent years, we have launched a printing service that enables the development of original brands with zero inventory risk. We provide originally designed products by utilizing our platform. We upload our own products on the web daily and provide product samples for reference... Planning, manufacturing, and sales of apparel and accessories in general / OEM/ODM [wholesale/retail].

  • GIOS

    106, 2-18-18, Jinzen-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

    • cutsew
    • smalllot
    • カットソー

    Cut and sewn, light woven fabric

    I run an OEM apparel business in Nagoya City as a sole proprietorship. Currently, our main customers are large companies, but we can help those who are starting an online store or need help with product creation. Our specialty is cut and sewn clothing in general, but we can also produce light woven fabrics. Our production area is in Ningbo, China.

  • 株式会社 サントス


    • OEM
    • レイングッズ

    レイングッズ・傘のOEM オリジナル商品を作りたいなら㈱サントス!

    ご覧いただきありがとうございます! 弊社は長年傘などのレイングッズのオリジナル商品を作って参りました。 ひとえに傘といっても、傘の骨だけでも何十種類にも分類されます。 小ロットでも、適正な骨や生地、デザインや仕様を数ある傘のタイプのなかからご提案させていただくことが可能です。 これまでにアパレル、雑貨チェーン、テーマパーク、キャラクター、球団グッズなど 1,000件以上の、OEMを請け負ってきました。 御社やターゲットに沿った企画提案に努めてまいります。 まずはお気軽にご相談ください。

  • Old・Works

    Koshin Building 4F, 1-9-15 Kanayama, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi

    • ladies
    • mens
    • casual

    Cost-effective new business style with quick response

    An apparel OEM company located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. The business style directly linking SPA and factories has enabled the company to create various advantages such as cost reduction. We offer "low cost, quick delivery, and stability" by establishing a stable quality system and realizing quick response time. We also have an office in Tokyo. Daiichi Harashima Bldg. 3F, 15-4 Yotsuya Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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  • I'DEAL Co., Ltd.

    2-99, Sangamine, Iwasaku, Nagakute, Aichi, Japan

    • apparel
    • goods
    • sewingfactory

    Sewing of women's wear, children's wear, men's wear, bags, masks, etc.

    I'DEAL Co., Ltd. in Nagoya, Japan is a sewing factory for furniture and clothing. We can sew interior goods such as furniture and clothes, miscellaneous goods, fashion goods, as well as instrument cases, bags, and of course, automotive goods. Women's wear, children's wear, men's wear, bags, masks, sofa covers, chair covers, trunk covers, luggage mats, seat covers, semi-hard cases, wind instrument cases, etc...

  • Daigo co.,ltd.

    143, Kunotsubo-tenshita-ji, Kitanagoya, Aichi, Japan

    • cutsew
    • ladies
    • mens

    OEM production of men's and ladies' cut and sewn clothing

    An OEM production company located in Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. We provide "safety, reliability, and convenience" through an integrated system from specification drawing to pattern making, sample making, and full production (mass production), with a focus on cut-and-sew garments.

  • MODE HIHUKU Co., Ltd.

    4, Kashiwamori Tsujita, Fuso-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi

    • ladies
    • coat
    • suits

    General apparel with a focus on ladies' wear

    An apparel manufacturer trading company located in Niwa-gun, Aichi Prefecture. Handling a wide range of products, mainly ladies' wear, including coats, suits, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, cut and sewn clothing, and sweaters. Integrated total support from planning to production and logistics processing.

  • ADO Corporation

    1-47-25, Shinsakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan

    • oem
    • leathergoods
    • bag

    We are specialists in OEM production.

    We have been producing original products in genuine and synthetic leather for over 40 years. We are specialists in OEM production and have been making original products in genuine and synthetic leather for over 40 years. We have been making products completely made-to-order and have transformed the needs of many customers into reality. We provide total production services including planning, proposal, and production by making full use of our flexible response and technical capabilities based on our track record. Sales promotion goods that effectively convey the planning image and product appeal, and OEM that attractively expresses brand value, product value, and character traits. We offer a one-stop service from planning to design, sample production, and production.


    2401 Okehazama Kirido, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

    • bag
    • case

    OEM manufacturer of precision machine cases and bags

    We started manufacturing precision machine cases and bags in 1984. With a sense of pride and mission as a member of "Japan, a manufacturing powerhouse," we have been improving our quality control capability and technical skills every day to meet the diverse needs and detailed requests of our customers since the start of our business. Although the manufacturing process changes with the times, our commitment and passion for quality and manufacturing will remain unchanged, and we will continue to deliver "reliable reliability and quality" in the future.


    4F, 3-25-28, Kaminagoya, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

    • baby
    • kids
    • swimwear

    Baby and children's clothing manufacturer

    We are a general apparel trading company based in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture that handles planning, design, production management, importing, and sales in-house. By handling our own factories in China and Southeast Asia, we are able to offer high quality, low cost, and a wide variety of products. Currently, we manufacture a wide range of products including cut and sewn clothing in general, woven fabrics, cotton outerwear, swimwear, jinbei, underwear, hats, socks, backpacks, bedding, etc. We also offer OEM/ODM services. OEM/ODM services are also available. From completely custom-made projects to design proposal-type requests, we take advantage of our direct dealings with factories to achieve short delivery times and low costs through integrated in-house management from production to delivery. We will respond flexibly to your requests. Small lots are available from about 200 pieces, depending on the product. Please contact us for more information.

  • Amvel Inc.

    401-LibreMarunouchi6 , 2-10-11 Marunouchi,Naka-ku,Nagoya,JAPAN +81-52-228-9641

    • coat
    • goods
    • umbrella

    OEM fabless manufacturer of umbrellas and parasols

    Amvel Inc. is a company that specializes in OEM/OEM of umbrellas and parasols. A start-up company founded in 2016, but with over 30 years of experience in the umbrella industry. We provide highly functional umbrellas such as ultra-lightweight folding umbrellas and automatic opening and closing umbrellas.

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  • セイワインターナショナル株式会社


    • tシャツ
    • プリンと工場
    • 二次加工全般




    37-1 Sunaba-kita, Miyago-cho, Konan City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

    • cutsew
    • woven
    • sewingfactory

    Full item support for cut and woven tops and bottoms

    MIYAJIMA HOUSEI is run by 15 Japanese workers, all in their 20s to 50s. We also have 8 in-house workers. This sewing factory handles full items of tops and bottoms made of woven and cut fabrics. We produce 80% of general women's clothing and 20% of school sailor blouses and high-end mens samue.

  • 三敬株式会社


    • ベビー
    • 寝具
    • 寝装




    2-801, Nishi-Mihachi Bowl, Kita-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

    • cap
    • hat
    • 帽子

    General hat manufacturer

    An apparel manufacturer located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Specializes in caps, hats, and hunting caps. The company flexibly responds to delivery dates and prices through overseas expansion, including a factory in Vietnam.


    11, Shimogayatsuenishi, Ama, Aichi, Japan

    • kids
    • toddler
    • キッズ

    Utilizing our network of overseas partner factories, we can provide the optimal production method for each item, cost, and production lot.

    An apparel OEM company located in Ama City, Aichi Prefecture. We have planned many hit products based on the latest trends. We have no problem with "delivery time advantage" and "cost advantage".

  • JCT connection​

    39-4, Fujie Shimomawarima, Higashiura-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi, Japan

    • woven
    • knit
    • smalllot

    The smallest lot in the industry for a complete full order

    We listen to the customer's brand concept and commitment We will work with you to create an image of your brand. We will support you as many times as you need until you are satisfied. Based on what we hear from the customer We will produce a sample based on what we hear from the customer. If the sample is delivered to the customer, the sample fee is free of charge.