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Women's clothing planning, production and sales Bottom manufacturer

We are an apparel manufacturer in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. We mainly deal in bottoms.
Founded in 1963, we have been manufacturing products that meet consumer needs to meet the demands and trust of our customers as a manufacturer of bottoms for Mrs.'s up to the present day.
We aim to create products that are sought after in all aspects, including quality, design, and silhouette, with an emphasis on comfort and materials.

We believe that once customers like our bottoms, they often become repeat customers.
As a bottom manufacturer, we have been pursuing a silhouette that makes adult women look beautiful by making the most of our longtime know-how.
We also do OEM of bottoms. In recent years, we have been selling masks and protective aprons in response to the new coronavirus.
We also deal in Chinese and Japanese products.

We can make them according to your pattern and design for school festivals, dance events, etc.
We will respond to the client's detailed requests in a meeting, and after making samples at our company, we will complete the project after making revisions.
We welcome requests for pattern making and creation of costumes not only for school festivals, but also for kids' dances, ballroom dances, karaoke contests, and other various types of costumes.
Please contact us first. We look forward to working with you.