Women purchase pants (shorts) mostly at stores! A survey on women's pants (shorts) purchases.


Women purchase pants (shorts) mostly at stores! A survey on women's pants (shorts) purchases. (2024/04/03)

Survey Summary

Where do women buy their pants (shorts)?

For this year's survey, we targeted women in their teens to 50s nationwide,「Where do you buy your pants (shorts)?" We are pleased to introduce a questionnaire survey of "Where do you buy your pants (shorts)?

subject of an investigation Women in their teens to 50s nationwide
Number of responses 100
study period March 31, 2024~ April 1, 2024
method of investigation Internet survey

Respondent Attributes

men and women





Pants (shorts) are purchased more in stores than online!

For women, where do you buy your pants (shorts)?

(store: 59, online shopping: 39, Other: 2)


  • Purchased from Wacoal, Triumph, etc. Because the materials are made of cotton or silk, and even though they are expensive, they are good for the skin and are trustworthy brands. (Female / 20s / Full-time employee / Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • Purchased at Amphi. Because it is the brand whose design I like the most. I try to buy from Wacoal brands because I had an experience with an online brand that didn't last long. (Female / 20s / Student / Fukuoka)
  • I buy at Shimamura, Izumiya, and Palette. I buy at Shimamura, Izumiya, and Palette because they often have large quantities of pants in bulk on their wagons, so they are easy to buy and inexpensive. (Female / 30s / Housewife / Osaka)
  • I buy at Aeon. Because I am in the countryside and it is the fastest way to get them at AEON stores (Female / 30's / Self-employed, free industry / Ishikawa)
  • Purchased at Wacoal, Wing, and UNIQLO. The reason is that UNIQLO is inexpensive and can be easily replaced, although only during the summer and other seasons. I often buy other items when I buy a bra or other items. I buy them because they are comfortable. (Female / 40s / Full-time employee / Oita Prefecture)
  • Purchase at Ito-Yokado. You can choose at your leisure while checking the design, material, quality, etc. in the store. There is a wide selection of reasonably priced items, and on some days you can even buy lingerie at a discount, such as 20% off. (Female / 40s / Temporary staff, Contract worker / Tokyo)
  • Buy at Aeon. There are many choices, good quality products and deals, points can be accumulated, and I have many opportunities to go there for other shopping. (Female / 50s / Self-employed, freelance / Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Purchased at Seiyu. Because they sell 100% cotton material shorts in solid colors and simple designs. (Female / 50s / Housewife / Nagasaki)


  • I bought it at SHEIN. Because the design is cute and the price is inexpensive, and because there are word-of-mouth reviews, I can buy with confidence.
  • Purchased at Nissen on the Rakuten market.Because I prefer 100% cotton pants and it is easier to find them online than in actual stores. (Female / 20s / unemployed / Hyogo Prefecture)
  • Purchased from SHOPLIST. I buy on SHOPLIST because the prices are cheap when they are on sale and they sell shorts in the designs and materials I want.(Female / 30s / Part-time job / Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Purchased at SHEIN. Because they come in sets and are inexpensive.It is easy to buy because it comes in a variety of colors and has cute designs. (Female / 30s / Part-time job / Tokyo)
  • Purchased from GUNZE online store (Rakuten Ichiba). I have been using GUNZE panties for a long time, and I can use and save Rakuten points on Rakuten Ichiba. (Female / 40s / Full-time employee / Tokyo)
  • Purchased at Wacoal Web Store. I like Wacoal products. I often use it because I can find and buy what I want from the comfort of my home.(Female / 40s / Self-employed, freelance / Tottori Prefecture)
  • Purchased at Rakuten. Because it is cheap and I can earn points. (Female / 50s / Housewife / Kagoshima)
  • Purchased at Shirohato. I used to buy at the actual store and now I use that store because I can easily buy online. (Female / 50s / Housewife / Osaka)



About where women buy their pants (shorts),「stor」at 59% and「online shopping」at 39%, similar to bras.(February 2024 Survey)The results show that most purchases were made in stores.

「Many of the 「store」 customers commented on the design and quality of the products, indicating that they are more satisfied with their purchases when they see the actual products.

Many of the 「online retailer」 respondents said that there is a wider range of products to choose from than in stores, with many saying that there is a wide selection of designs and a large stock of items available.

Many women seem to place more importance on design and quality when purchasing pants (shorts), and many of them prefer to purchase in stores where they can actually check the quality.


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