Many women buy bras at “stores”! A survey asking, "For women, where do you buy bras?"


Many women buy bras at “stores”! A survey asking, "For women, where do you buy bras?" (2024/02/01)

Survey Summary

Where do women buy bras?

This time, we conducted a survey of women in their teens to 50s from all over the country asking, ``Where do you buy bras?''

People surveyed Women in their 10s to 50s
Number of answers 100
Period 2024/1/30~ 2024/2/1
Method of survey Internet survey







You can buy more bras at stores than online!

For women, where do you buy bras?

(Store: 65, Online shopping: 35)
  • Purchased from tutuanna. There are so many lovely and cute bras. We often have set discounts and sales, so you can get them cheaper than elsewhere. (20s/Female/Kanagawa Prefecture/Part-time job)
  • Purchased at Uniqlo. I have large breasts, so if I use a bra that expands them, they will be emphasized too much, but Uniqlo's bras support my breasts and are comfortable to wear, rather than emphasizing them. (20s/Female/Chiba Prefecture/Other)
  • Purchased at Triumph and Tutuanna. There are many different types, and you can actually see them, get your size measured, and try them on. (30s/Female/Fukushima Prefecture/Housewife)
  • Purchased from tutuanna. There are many cute designs and color variations, so if you have a favorite, you can purchase it in a different color. (30s/Female/Ibaraki Prefecture/Part-time job)
  • Purchase at any Wacoal store. Unlike clothes, if you don't try it on, it will be obvious whether it suits you or not, so I always buy it at a store. (40s/Female/Chiba Prefecture/Part-time job)
  • Purchased at Bradelis New York Nishi Ginza store. When you try on the clothes, the sales staff will tell you exactly how to try them on and measure your size. I also think it's great that they give you points when you take Bradelis bras that you no longer need to the store. (40s/Female/Tokyo/Full-time employee)
  • Purchased at Aeon. The price is reasonable and there are some shapes that I like. (50s/Female/Kanagawa Prefecture/Part-time job)
  • Purchased at Uniqlo. The product labeling was easy to read, and the fitting room was easy to use (50s/female/Tokyo/unemployed)


《Online shopping》
  • Purchased on Qoo10. It's easy to choose from cheap and cute items to sexy items. It's a hassle to go to the store, and it's embarrassing to carry around a paper bag containing underwear. (20s/Female/Okayama Prefecture/Part-time job)
  • Purchased from Rakuten Market. I am actively using Rakuten Market because I am accumulating Rakuten points. Products with high rankings can be trusted (20s/Female/Hyogo Prefecture/Full-time employee)
  • Purchased at SHIROHATO (Rakuten Market). This is because there are so many sizes and brands available. Is there a design like this from a common design or a major brand that everyone knows? ! We also carry things you might think of, as well as minor brands from overseas. I don't have average-sized breasts, so stores often don't carry them, and even when they do, they're often too simple to be cute, so SHIROHATO is very useful because you can check out a variety of brands and designs. (30s/Female/Shizuoka Prefecture/Temporary employee, contract employee)
  • Purchased at ZOZOTOWN. Because you can choose from multiple brands, you have a lot of options and can purchase products that suit you. (30s/Female/Niigata Prefecture/Full-time employee)
  • Purchased at Wing official shop Rakuten Market store. I can collect Rakuten points and use them for shopping, and since I buy things like shorts in bulk, Rakuten Market is the best option for me because I can buy things in bulk and still get great deals. (40s/Female/Tokyo/Full-time employee)
  • Purchased at Uniqlo, Bell Maison, and Belluna. Because it's undersized and there aren't many sizes that fit in stores. (40s/Female/Kanagawa Prefecture/Housewife)
  • Purchased at Triumph. I previously bought it at a department store and compared it to other companies' products, and I liked the size and feel of the product, so I can buy it on the website with confidence. (50s/Female/Hokkaido/Full-time employee)



When asked where women buy their bras, 65% of them choose [stores] and 35% choose [online shopping], with the majority going to stores.

Regarding the opinions of [stores], there were many comments such as [you can get your size measured], [you can try on clothes], and [you can check the texture].

Regarding online shopping, there were many opinions such as [There is a wide variety of products and you can buy them at low prices,] [It's easier than buying in stores,] and [It's embarrassing to buy in stores.]

When it comes to buying a bra, unlike clothes, many women don't know if it will fit or not until they try it on.

As expected, more women are choosing to purchase in-store than online because they can get their size measured and try it on.


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