Survey of Made-to-order Apparel Products.


Survey of Made-to-order Apparel Products. (2023/12/08)

Survey Summary

Have you ever purchased made-to-order apparel products?

In this issue, we conducted a nationwide survey of men and women in their 20s to 50s, asking the question, "Have you ever purchased made-to-order apparel products?" We are pleased to introduce a survey of "Have you ever purchased made-to-order apparel products?

subject of an investigation Men and women in their 20s to 50s nationwide
Number of responses 100
period 2023/12/6 - 2023/12/8
method Internet survey







66% responded "yes".

Have you ever purchased made-to-order apparel products?

(yes: 66, no: 34)


73% responded "good impression".

What do you think of made-to-order apparel products? What are your impressions?

(Good: 73, not good not bad: 22, not good: 5)


  • Nowadays, there are many sites such as Mercari, Yahoo! Auctions, and Rakuma where you can resell items at high prices if you want to. In buying popular products, the people who really want to use them or are fans do not receive them, and only those who buy them for money have a good time, and such problems occur frequently in all areas. This kind of problem often occurs in all areas of the industry. So, I have a good impression. (20s / Female / Fukuoka / Student)
  • Because the products are not mass-produced and the quality of the products seems to be high. (20s / Male / Tokyo / Full-time employee)
  • I have the good impression that only those who have received orders have them, so there is less chance of wearing them, and I can carefully select the ones I really want to buy. The prices are higher than those of regular sales, but I am convinced and buy them. (30s / Female / Kanagawa / Full-time employee)
  • I think it is good because it is made-to-order, so the store does not have a large inventory, and the consumer can be sure of getting the product. However, I think the price tends to be high, so I have never used it. (30s / Male / Kanagawa / Part-time job)
  • I think it is beneficial for both parties: the buyer has the peace of mind of knowing that he/she can be sure to get a popular product, and the manufacturer does not have to hold stock of the product. (40s / Female / Kyoto / Part-time job)
  • Because it is made-to-order, there is no waste, and I think it is good for the environment overall. (40s / Male / Saitama / Full-time employee)
  • Because I think that planned production prevents overstocking and loss of materials for unsold inventory disposal. (50s / Female / Aichi / Self-employed, freelance)
  • It's special and I like the excitement of receiving it. I love it when I hold it in my hand. (50s / Female / Okayama / Full-time employee)


《not good not bad》
  • It's safe to be sure that I can get it, but it arrives late and it's not suitable for when I want to wear it right away. (20s / Female / Kanagawa / Dispatched worker, Contract worker)
  • I thought that people who want the product would feel happy, although the made-to-order product would likely be more expensive than the regular product sold. However, I am not interested in made-to-order products, so I can't say either way. (20s / Male / Hyogo / Part-time job)
  • Since we cannot see the actual product in person, it is inevitably difficult to grasp the color and size, and sometimes we make mistakes. However, I can always get what I want, so it has its good points. (30s / Female / Tokyo / Housewife)
  • It's easier to buy when I want, but if it's a product I absolutely want to get, made-to-order is safer. (30s / Female / Osaka / Housewife)
  • I think it is good that I can be sure to get the product I like, but the bottleneck is that it takes quite a long time from the time I place an order to the time I receive it, so I can't say either way. (40s / Female / Akita / Housewife)
  • Crowdfunding production seems to me to be a risk aversion on the part of the company. The products are expensive for what they are, and it is hard to believe that the quality of the product is being returned to the customer. However, considering the environment, I think this type of production should increase in the future. (50s / Male / Aichi / Self-employed, freelance)


《not good》
  • It takes time to actually receive the product because it is made after ordering. (40s / Male / Gunma / Part-time job)
  • I don't want to buy pre-order products because it takes time to get them. (30s / Female / Nagano / Full-time employee)
  • Because I can't try on clothes (20s / Female / Hyogo / Part-time job)
  • Even if I want it or want to wear it now, I can't get it right away because I have to wait a certain amount of time. (40s / Female / Saitama / Part-time job)
  • I want to get it as soon as possible, but I have to wait (40s / Female / Tokyo / Housewife)



Regarding whether they have purchased made-to-order apparel products, 66% said they have and 34% said they have not.

Regarding impressions of made-to-order apparel products, 73% of respondents had a good impression, 22% were undecided, and 5% had a poor impression, indicating that the majority of respondents had a good impression of made-to-order apparel products.

Those who responded "good impression" often commented that they can be sure to get them, that they are special and rare, and that there is no inventory disposal or disposal.

Those who responded "bad impression" often said "it takes a long time to arrive," "can't try on clothes," and "the price is too high.


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