A survey of impressions of apparel products made from recycled materials.


A survey of impressions of apparel products made from recycled materials. (2023/09/01)

Survey Summary

In recent years, the apparel industry has seen an increase in apparel products made from recycled materials.

In this issue, we conducted a nationwide survey of men and women in their 20s to 50s on "What do you think of apparel products made from recycled materials?" We are pleased to introduce the results of the survey.

People surveyed Men and women in their 20s to 50s nationwide
Number of responses 100
Period 2023/8/30 - 2023/8/31
Method Internet survey







85% responded "good impression".

What is your impression of apparel products made from recycled materials?

(Good impression: 85, Bad impression: 15)


《Good impression》
  • Because I think it is a trend in a world where SDGs are being promoted. Also, I have heard that the apparel industry is the industry farthest away from the SDGs, and I think it is wonderful that they are trying to produce products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. (20s / Female / Hyogo / Full-time employee)
  • The mass production and mass disposal of apparel products has become an environmental problem, so I have a good impression that the company sells products made of recycled materials. I have a number of apparel products made of recycled materials, but I have never felt uncomfortable with them, and I like the fact that I feel I am contributing to environmental issues. (20s / Female / Chiba / Full-time employee)
  • I think it is a good thing to find value again in something that would otherwise be discarded or treated as "trash," for lack of a better word, and although it may be a lot of work, I feel that it is more rewarding and that it is easier to feel strongly about the product (20s / Male / Shizuoka Prefecture / Unemployed).
  • I think it is very wonderful! It is interesting as a product, and I have a good impression that the company and designers who created the product are thinking well of the environment and the earth. In fact, I feel that it would be more outdated and embarrassing not to make apparel products using recycled materials in this day and age. (30s / Female / Osaka / Full-time employee)
  • I have heard a lot about using recycled plastic for clothing, and I think it is a good initiative. I don't mind if it is thoroughly disinfected and recycled. (30s / Female / Osaka / Housewife)
  • I don't have a bad impression of recycling. I think it's good for the environment, and recently I've been hearing a lot about SDGs, so I've become more aware of that as well, so I think it's great that Patagonia is doing something like that. (30s / Male / Hiroshima / Full-time employee)
  • Some materials do not agree with my skin, so I may or may not actually wear them.... I did not know that cotton could be recycled, and I am wondering why I have not done so before. I have a good impression of this as an act to reduce waste. I think there are some problems behind it.... (40s / Female / Chiba / Part-time job)
  • I also like the awareness of apparel companies that make such products, and I think that being able to make comfortable clothing from recyclable materials is a way of doing things that fits with the current times (40s / Male / Shizuoka / Full-time employee)
  • I feel more favorable when I think that a product is made by a company that considers the environment, and I want to use it (50s / Female / Nagasaki Prefecture / Housewife)
  • Apart from the selling price, if we consider the product as a material, reusing it will "not reduce existing resources," and the functional difference between new and recycled products will not make any difference. If that is the case, it is also "responsible" to use up what can be used. (50s / Male / Miyagi Prefecture / Self-employed, freelance)


《Bad impression》
  • I think it is a great idea to work toward the SDGs, but I am a little concerned when I think of it as something that I and my children will wear. It looks like it might contain garbage, etc. (20s / Female / Hyogo / Housewife)
  • Many apparel products are worn directly on the body, so it is not very pleasant to use materials that have been used once. (20s / Female / Osaka / Housewife)
  • The image of recycling is sold and design and price are an afterthought. Also, the energy required for recycling is often ignored. (30s / Female / Hyogo / Full-time employee)
  • To be honest, I don't have a particular image of either, but if anything it is bad. Since it is not an ordinary material, I have an image of poor quality, such as the texture (30's / Female / Tokyo / Temporary staff, Contract worker)
  • I don't know what kind of material is mainly used, and it looks stiff and uncomfortable to wear (30s / Female / Hyogo / Unemployed)



Regarding impressions of apparel products made from recycled materials, 85% of respondents had a "good impression" and 15% had a "bad impression.

Many of the "good impression" comments included "contributes to the SDGs," "good corporate image," and "quality is not bad."

Many of the "bad impression" comments included, "Looks uncomfortable," "Feels unclean," and "Gives a cheap impression.

Although there were a few negative comments, the majority of people had a good impression of the project. The majority of people were aware of and sympathetic to the SDGs, ecology, and sustainability, indicating that they are aware of and sympathetic to the SDGs initiatives.


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