Fashion items in games and apps, 50% have purchased them! Survey.


Fashion items in games and apps, 50% have purchased them! Survey. (2023/03/10)

Survey Summary

Have you ever purchased a fashion item from a game or app?

In this issue, we conducted a survey of men and women in their 20s to 50s nationwide, asking the question, "Have you ever charged for fashion items in virtual space?" The following is an introduction to the survey.

subject of a survey 20s to 50s
Number of responses 100
Period 2023/3/9 - 2023/3/10
Method Internet survey







50% have purchased!

Have you ever charged for fashion items in virtual space?

(yes: 50, No: 50)


《yes, Paid.》
  • It's fun to win cute limited-time costumes in games as an extension of playing with dress-up dolls when I was a child and make the characters prettier by gacha. (20s / Female / Aomori / Full-time employee)
  • There was an item I really wanted, but I couldn't get it no matter how many times I tried the free gacha, and the deadline for gacha was approaching, so I had to pay for it. (20s / Female / Shizuoka / Housewife)
  • Because I have a strong desire to stand out in front of others, even though it is a virtual world (30s / Male / Tokyo / Full-time employee)
  • Because I wanted to dress cute and have fun (30s / Female / Chiba / Housewife)
  • Because I enjoy it more if I tailor the character to the style I like. (40s / Female / Tottori / Self-employed, freelance)


《No, not paid.》
  • No matter how much I dress up my avatar, it is still just data, and if the service ends, the money I spent on it will be wasted. (20s / Female / Saitama / Part-time job)
  • Because I don't feel the need to charge for the appearance (20s / Male / Hokkaido / Self-employed, free industry)
  • I don't have the luxury of paying for things that don't remain in my hand (things that don't have substance). I try to restrain myself so that I can enjoy things only to the extent that I can enjoy them without paying for them. (30s / Female / Kanagawa / Part-time job)
  • Because I think it is useless to pay for fashion items in games (30s / Male / Hiroshima / Full-time employee)
  • There were no attractive fashion items (40s / Male / Iwate / Temporary staff, Contract worker)



Regarding whether they have purchased fashion items from games and apps, 50% said they have and 50% said they have not, with the results split 50-50 between "Yes" and "No."

Many of those who "have charged" said they wanted to "stand out," "dress differently," or "it was a limited edition item."

Many of those who "have never charged" said they "don't have any money on hand" or that "paying nothing is enough."

As of 2023, 50% of respondents have paid for fashion items, but the metaverse market is expanding rapidly, and it is expected that more and more people will pay for fashion items in the future.


The fashion business in real space is said to be stagnant, but can we find commercial opportunities in the expanding virtual business?

Just recently, there were articles about real stores opening stores in virtual space.

Apparel brand "Lui's" virtual store to be exhibited on the virtual shopping service "αU place" from March 8 to 12.

Customers can visit virtual stores as avatars and search for products, and store staff can communicate with each other to provide a purchasing experience similar to that in real stores.

Such efforts linking the real and virtual are expected to increase in the future.

We hope to see further development of the real fashion business through the fusion of real and virtual, and through the successful use of the virtual.


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