Women's Choice: Celebrities with Stylish Fashion Sense, Ranked 2022!


Women's Choice: Celebrities with Stylish Fashion Sense, Ranked 2022! (2022/09/15)

Survey Summary

We conducted a survey of women in their teens to fifties nationwide on celebrities whom they consider to be stylish and have a good sense of fashion.

Now we will present the "Women's Choice Ranking of 2022 Celebrities with Stylish and Fashionable Sense of Style.

Survey population: Women in their teens to 50s nationwide Number of responses: 100 Survey period: September 14, 2022 - September 15, 2022 Method: Internet survey

Respondent Attributes

men and women




Ranking of female celebrities who are fashionable and have fashion sense

We're proud to present the Women's Choice Ranking of Female Celebrities Who Are Stylish and Have Great Fashion Sense!

【No.1】仲里依紗(5 votes)

(3 votes)新木優子, 井川遥, 石田ゆり子, 吉瀬美智子, 佐々木希, 佐藤栞里, 米倉涼子

(2 votes)安達祐実, 池田美優, 榮倉奈々, 木村カエラ, 滝沢眞規子, 田中みな実, 冨永愛, 中村アン, 夏木マリ, 深津絵里, 水川あさみ, 森星, YOU, 若槻千夏, 渡辺直美

(1 votes)浅田真央, 綾瀬はるか, 杏, 飯豊まりえ, ikura(YOASOBI), 板谷由夏, IKKO, エリザベス女王, 河北麻友子, 川口春奈, 川田裕美, 郡司恭子, 剛力彩芽, 小嶋陽菜, 後藤真希, 小松菜奈, 近藤千尋, Saori(SEKAI NO OWARI), SHELLY, 重盛さと美, 高橋愛, 滝沢カレン, 田丸麻紀, テイラー・スウィフト, ともさかりえ, 長澤まさみ, 永野芽郁, 二階堂ふみ, 生見愛瑠, 橋本環奈, 長谷川潤, 平松可奈子, 藤田ニコル, 辺見えみり, 本田翼, 松本恵奈, 水原希子, 南明奈, 森泉, 矢田亜希子, 山田優, ヨンア, LISA(BLACKPINK), ローラ

The honorable first place in the ranking of female celebrities who are fashionable and have a good fashion sense was Riisa Naka.

The reasons why we thought Riisa Naka's fashion was great were as follows.

  • She has a unique sense of fashion and easily attracts attention from her own style on Instagram and YouTube. I also felt this way because she has her own produced brand. (Teenager / Female / Hyogo / Student)
  • Odd fashion, but it suits me! (30s / Female / Mie / Part-time job)
  • Unique (30s / Female / Fukuoka / Housewife)
  • I have seen them on Instagram, etc., and they are stylish even in eccentric clothes. (30s / Female / Saitama / Housewife)
  • I think it is great that she wears fancy clothes in a cool way. I have the image of her wearing clothes that you would wonder who would wear such flashy designs in a store. (40s / Female / Ishikawa / Part-time job)

Ranking of male celebrities who are fashionable and have fashion sense

Here's the Women's Choice Ranking of Male Celebrities Who Are Stylish and Have a Great Fashion Sense!

【No.1】菅田将暉(24 votes)

(3 votes)綾野剛, オダギリジョー, 木村拓哉, 窪塚洋介, 斎藤工, 竹内涼真, 竹野内豊, 堂本剛

(2 votes)相葉雅紀, 瑛太, 小栗旬, 兼近大樹(EXIT), 滝藤賢一, 所ジョージ, 浜田雅功, 又吉直樹, 三浦翔平, 向井理

(1 votes)阿部寛, 生田斗真, 岩田剛典, 遠藤憲一, 小田切ヒロ, カート・コバーン, 北村一輝, 草彅剛, 斎藤司(トレンディエンジェル), 坂口健太郎, 坂本昌行, 佐藤景瑚, ジェシー(SixTONES), ジョシュア(SEVENTEEN), TAKUYA∞(UVERworld), 田中卓志(アンガールズ), 玉森裕太, 千葉雄大, ディーン・フジオカ, 中島裕翔, 中村倫也, 成田凌, 西島秀俊, 濱家隆一(かまいたち), 平野紫耀, 福山雅治, 松田翔太, 松村北斗, 森崎ウィン, 横浜流星, リリー・フランキー

In the ranking of male celebrities who are fashionable and have a good fashion sense, Masaki Suda came in at an impressive No. 1.

The reasons why we think Masaki Suda's fashion is great are as follows.

  • I chose it because I recently saw their private clothes through TV programs and thought they were stylish in a style that ordinary people cannot wear (20s / Female / Hokkaido / Student).
  • Because their unique fashion is impressive (20s / Female / Hokkaido / Unemployed)
  • I think she wears clothes that would be considered tacky if worn by others (20s / Female / Oita / Housewife)
  • Because they wear eccentric clothes in a fashionable way. (20s / Female / Tokyo / Housewife)
  • I think he incorporates various genres of fashion, and there are many unique fashions that would suit Masaki Sugata (20s / Female / Tokyo / Full-time employee)
  • I had a strong image of him being very fashionable when he introduced his personal clothes on TV before. I think she is cool because she wears vintage clothes so well. (20s / Female / Tokyo / Full-time employee)
  • He has always been interested in leather jackets, etc., and has originality (30s / Female / Hiroshima / Full-time employee)
  • I think they dress so well that even if they are wearing cheap T-shirts, they look expensive (30's / Female / Chiba / Housewife)
  • Because my personal clothes suit me (30's / Female / Fukuoka / Part-time job)
  • Although he is unique, he has a great fashion sense that only Masaki Suda can wear (30s / Female / Ibaraki / Full-time employee)
  • It's a little eccentric, but I think this is what makes it fashionable (30s / Female / Fukuoka / Unemployed)
  • I love the fact that the clothes have an atmosphere that you can wear because you are Masaki Suda. The overall balance is good, and the difference between on and off is nice, and even the simple coordination when off is stylish. (30s / Female / Fukuoka / Housewife)
  • Because I dress with an understanding of individuality (30s / Female / Kanagawa / Housewife)
  • Because they are unique and wear designs that others don't seem to be able to wear. (30s / Female / Unknown / Housewife)
  • Even fashion that is a little sharp is dressed with taste and atmosphere, and is fashionable (30s / Female / Miyazaki / Housewife)
  • I can see that you make your own clothes and are very particular about it. (30s / Female / Kumamoto / Dispatched worker, Contract worker)
  • Even though he wears eccentric fashion, I feel it suits him very well. It suits his face and body shape very well. He has established a unique fashion (30's / Female / Hokkaido / Temporary staff, Contract worker)
  • Unique and fashionable (30s / Female / Fukuoka / Housewife)
  • Because I often see them wearing unique fashions on TV. (40s / Female / Hyogo / Part-time job)
  • I wear what I like (40s / Female / Kanagawa / Full-time employee)
  • The part where she wears fashionable things smoothly and naturally (40s / Female / Akita Prefecture / Housewife)
  • Because they often appear in magazines as fashionable celebrities. (40s / Female / Tokyo / Full-time employee)
  • I have the impression that she always adopts trendy fashions that suit her and wears them in a cool way. (50s / Female / Osaka / Housewife)
  • Because I thought they looked good no matter what they wore (50s / Female / Akita / Housewife)


In this edition of "Celebrity Ranking 2022: Women's Choice for Fashionable and Fashion Sense," the top female celebrity was Riisa Naka, and the top male celebrity was Masaki Suda.

Both of you have often talked about your personal outfits on TV, social networking sites, and other media.

These are the rankings of celebrities who are fashionable and have fashion sense, as chosen by women in 2022.

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